Wednesday, February 27, 2013

28 February 2013

Hi Whanau!

Wow!  I cannot believe that it's already been a week since I last emailed, and yes dad I've hit my 8 month mark and its terrible.  Sorry!  When they say a mission goes by fast ,they are not kidding and now I'm thinking that possibly as women we get jipped 6 months of serving, but all goods, the Lord has a plan for me and I will obey.

Well, get this,  as you know, on Thursday mornings we have Relief Society and last week we went to the Relief Society Building and we had a guest speaker by the name of Sister Carol M. Stephens who is the 1st Counsellor in the General Relief Society Presidency.  Yay!  The lesson she gave was so, so, awesome.  My companion and I are in charge of the music for Sacrament meetings,  we often we are asked to lead the music for other meetings.  We were asked to do the music for our Relief Society meeting and it was just the coolest experience.  From what I wrote down in my planner, Sister Stephen's covered material in her talk taken from the book,  "Daughters of My Kingdom."  She talked about how the church wasn't organized until the Relief Society was organized and that there were servants of the church that were women during Christ's time.  We were encouraged to read Romans 16 about Phoebe.  She wanted to let us know how much Heavenly Father knows us individually and she shared some cool experiences about when she was called into the Relief Society General Presidency and how she was set apart for the world.  It was so cool.  She gave us a hug and it was so sweet.  So, I took some photos with my Mission Relief Society Presidency.  They are, Sister Carter (CA) Relief Society President, Sister Ince (Canada) 1st Counsellor, Sister Vaivai (NZ) 2nd Counsellor and Sister Creal is our Secretary. 

Oh, I'm glad everyone liked the picture with Elder Leota.  That was cool and I can't help but think of him as Kendall.

Anywho, I had an interesting experience last Friday when I was in the Teaching Centre on the phones and I receive a call and it's from a missionary who is serving in the Virginia Mission.  He called in just to make sure that the phone number on the pass-along-cards that they hand out, works.  I just laughed when he said that and responded, " Elder, oh ye of little faith!"  Turns out he is from Utah so I asked him if he knew anyone that I could call and share the gospel with.  He said, "Yes, my mum!"  Wow!  I was surprised and then he told me that his mum is less active and hadn't been attending church for a while and gave me her number.  I was excited to call her after we hung up.  I learnt that she became engaged on Valentine's Day and will be married before her son returns home.  I invited her to the Square with her fiancee so that I could show them around, but also to share a lesson and help them commit towards getting sealed in the Temple in the future.  Her fiancee is not a member and I'm really glad the missionary that called in allowed me to call his mum.

So, this past week has felt like we've had a lot of anti's visit Temple Square.  I shouldn't be surprised as it happens a lot here.  There was one strange guy in the Beehive house who kept asking hundreds of questions, like, "Is this original or is this original?" "Where did you get your facts from?" " Where is the manual?" " Can I have the manual?"  Sadly, he didn't want to listen to any answers so our friends in security came over and told the man it was closing time.  Turns out, the next day he came back and did the exact same thing to some other sister missionaries.  Yep, exactly the same thing!   We have a lot of wonderful and interesting people come to the Square and it really is a great place to teach, especially when you have amazing tours where people are willing to listen and be taught.   Yesterday, we went on our first motor coach tour meaning, we have a big bus filled with a group of people arrive at the Square for a tour.  I hope to go on one of these tours one day.  The company is called, "The Moostache Joe Tour Bus!"  Epic!  We had 33 sweet, elderly people arrive to take the tour but they all needed to go to the restrooms first.  We then started the tour at the Assembly Hall, and then onto the Tabernacle where we did the pin drop.  The flag pole was next and one guy asked some great questions so we showed them the Temple Model and then ended at the Christus.  They were so cute and most of them kept saying, "Speak up Love!"  I guess it's because they are elderly but the spirit was so strong and when they asked questions and it was great to be able to answer them.  But, the worst thing happened at the end of the tour.  So sad!  We were taking them back to their bus and one of the ladies had dropped a $5 note and it was flying along the ground so one of the old men started chasing it and he ended up tripping over and landing face first in the snow with the rest of his body on the concrete floor.  The part I saw was him ricochetting off the wall with snow on his head, holding the $5 note tightly in his hand.  Firstly, I nearly had a heart attack and secondly, I thought I might have to call an ambulance.  Well, other than being a little embarrassed, he stood up, dusted himself off and walked towards the bus.  I was so glad he wasn't hurt.

Our practices for the March 15th performance are slowly getting better.  We have two hour choir practices on Sunday nights and during the week we meet with the Island performers to practice Pokarekare ana, Poi e, a Samoan Siva and Aloha Oe.  We're getting there!   The stage that we will perform on is so tiny but we are working around it.  We had a two hour practice this morning and now I'm wasted.  Lucky for me it's P-Day and I can sleep.

I've had a great week family and on Sunday we had Elder Richard G. Hinckley and his wife speak in our Sacrament meeting.  They were great and I enjoyed listening to Elder Hinckley share stories about his dad.  Oh how I love President Hinckley!  His wife spoke about the importance of keeping a journal and he talked about the sacredness of the Sacrament and how many people take it for granted.  He also talked about the pure doctrine that we have about the true nature of the Godhead.   It was so cool.

I love the mission and I love you all.  Be safe!

Sister Chadderton,

P.s. Keep writing to me.  I love your letters!  My address is below:

Sister N Chadderton
50 NW Temple St Rm BSVC
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150
United States
   Picture 1 - Performance practice
   Picture 2 - Place mats we made
   Picture 3 - Sister Gillette, myself and my companion
   Picture 4 - Me with my Mission Relief Society Presidency

Thursday, February 21, 2013

21 February 2013

Hi Family & friends that read my Blog,

Glad to hear you're all doing well despite you all being incredibly busy.   Mum, that is so cool that Sister Wixom - General Primary President - was in New Zealand doing training.  Do you remember me telling you about her earlier on last year.  She was the sister who attended our missionary Thanksgiving dinner.  I couldn't be bothered waiting in line to have a photo taken with her but she is really lovely!  Her son married one of the full-time senior missionary couples daughter's in our mission - Elder & Sister Creer.  When Sister Wixom learnt that her son and his family were coming to our Thanksgiving dinner she asked if she could come too.  It was awesome.

This week has been good, but I wish there was more that I could report.  We have been working hard everyday.   One of the highlights of my week would definitely have to be seeing my mate Elder Leota last Friday.  The international missionaries came for a tour around Temple Square and I had a thought that he might just be in the group, so it was awesome when I bumped into him.  I took the opportunity to have a photo taken with him too.  He seems really happy and I know he'll make a great missionary.  My zone leaders took the Leota family for a tour of the Beehive House yesterday and I was a bit sad that I didn't get to see them again but it was good to know they're still in town.  I don't think they're going to make it back to Aussie! 

Well, we haven't had any funny weather this week but we have had a lot of POI!  It has become quite stressful finding time to practice and I know I will be happy once we've performed.  It will be a great night and I'm excited to see all the other cultural performances. 

Yesterday, we took some primary school children on a tour of the Beehive House and it was so much fun.  The bus had pulled up out the front and the teachers and some of the parents were trying to help organize the children into lines, so being the ex-pre-school teacher that I am,  I went to suss out the number of children in line and there were these two children hitting and pushing each other.  My first instinct was to go over and tell them to stop hitting and pushing each other, but there were four teachers with the group and once they noticed these two having a go at each other, one of the teacher's told them to stop.  Well, knowing who these two were, I thought, "Please, I don't want them in my group!"  Wishful thinking!  "Guess whose group they were in?"  We had a group of six children and their teacher that we escorted around the Beehive and the children were hilarious and would not stop talking the entire time.  They asked the most hilarious questions but I had so much fun with them.  The teacher was great and it is a little different to take children on a tour because we can't teach about gospel principles and invite them to learn more because they are children so we shared lots of facts and pioneer stories.  It was really cool to share the great stories of the pioneers because the spirit testifies to me once again of their great sacrifices.

We had a really amazing tour last night where we had three people visit Temple Square.  These people are in Salt Lake for a work conference and they are all Catholic.  During the tour they asked some of the best questions I have ever had as a missionary, so as we walked from the North Visitor's Centre to the South Visitor's Centre there is a model of the Salt Lake Temple located between these two building so I was inspired to share the story of Joseph Smith's First Vision with them.  Honestly, whenever I share that story I really feel the spirit strongly and it was a neat experience to share it as I know they felt the warmth of the spirit while we walked outside into the cold to get from one building to the next.  They then asked a lot of questions about the Temple before it was time for them to leave because they were already late for their work dinner.  The good thing is that they are going to come back on Thursday to listen to the MOTAB practicing.  It's hard having such an amazing spiritual experience and then to have the visitor's leave when you feel you may not see them again.  I know that the Lord will continue to guide them to the truth whether it be in four months or four years.  I am positive that they won't forget how they felt while they visited here.

Well, our investigator Steve is still going strong and today we shared with him a lesson from Alma 47 where it talks about Lehonti and Amalickiah.  This is a really powerful story in the Book of Mormon and the lesson here is how important it is to not lower your standards and to recognize that Satan is very subtle in his temptations and he will try to get you do things at first that may seem harmless, but later, he has you in his grasp.  For example, it maybe that we choose to not read our scriptures one night because we're too tired, or we might miss church on a Sunday because we finished work late the night before, or we may go shopping just once on Sunday.  By and by as we allow these temptations or excuses to creep in, before we know it we've stopped reading our scriptures altogether, we aren't attending church at all and we continually shop on a Sunday.  And why?  Because we decided to allow Satan to subtly worm his way into our lives and finally, he's taken over.  Just as Amalickiah slowly had Lehonti poisoned until he died, Satan is slowly enticing us away from following the basics.  

I love this gospel and the knowledge I receive when I exercise humility and allow the Spirit to teach me.  I am constantly learning new things every day and hope to be able to continue to share what I learn with those around me.  I love you family and friends.  Don't forget to read your scriptures daily and to truly study and apply the things you read in your daily lives.

Be safe and know that I pray for you all each day.

Love Sister Chadderton

P.s Channie, don't give up my friend.  Everything happens for a reason and I know the Lord is preparing someone that you need to teach in six weeks time.  True Story.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

14 February 2013

Hi Family!!!

How's everything going?  As you may have noticed I've sent photos before my email (sorry for the weeks without pics, I am repenting!).  There is a picture of me with Sister Walsh and it's for her dad, "Hi again Brother Walsh!!"  Sister Olden is going outbound to Louisiana Baton Rouge for three transfers and I won't get to see my mate until who knows when because she doesn't return until June.   I may be outbound by then and that makes me a little sad because I will miss her lots.  While sisters are outbound we are not allowed to write each other.  It sounds a little strange but oh well!

Any who, transfers went well and Sister Stolp and I are staying together YAY!!!  I was so happy and very relieved. Transfers can be stressful so to have little or no change - same zone, same p-day, same apartment - I'm so happy.  There were two sisters from my class who have gone outbound and three other sisters from my class are training already.  I thought I might train this transfer, but I'm grateful for another transfer with Sister Stolp to learn from her.  So, I still get to be with my mate Brigham in the Beehive.  I'm going to be pro-Brigham knowledge for the future and I can't wait to meet him in the next life!  Haha!

I am so happy Hinalei had a great birthday!  I love her to pieces and the photos are beautiful.  To my parentals and sistra and brother-inlaw, "Happy Wedding Anniversary!!!"  Oh the joys of, "Single Awareness Day!"  Haha!   Last week P-Day we went to Walmart and the red love heart stuff was everywhere.  After Walmart we had to pick up some sisters from the airport who were returning from their outbound assignments and their was so much affection.  I haven't been around that much affection for so long.  It's weird but great!   Oh well, "Happy Valentines Day" everyone!   Mum, isn't Sister Bunting awesome?  I love her so much!  They are the sweetest family!

So, after transfer conference we were invited to a special performance in the Conference Center Theatre with Michael McClain - the genius who composed, "The Forgotten Carols" and directed, "Mr. Krugers Christmas."   It was so, so, cool and he is so talented and the spirit was so strong.  The performance really helped the sisters appreciate who they are and what we do because we tend to be quite hard on ourselves.  Great man!  Wonderful concert!  Great spirit!  I also heard that he had just returned from touring New Zealand!

This week my companion and I did some indexing and we found out that we can start doing Family Search.  So, I logged into my Family Search account and found some ancestors names that were reserved since the last time I did family history (back in October 2012 at BYU-Hawaii).   I decided to submit the names to the Temple because I had been feeling like I needed to find them for that reason.  I saved a few of there ordinances so I can do the work for them.  Moral of the story, "Do!" 

Well, there was one tiny little thing that I wasn't excited about regarding transfers, "I'm still in charge of conducting the music for Sacrament!"  We have some special guests attending our Sacrament meeting on Sunday - Elder Hinckley (son of the late President Hinckley) - who is coming to speak to us and Sister Vaivai and I might be doing a musical number.

Our practices for our New Zealand performance is going great and we've managed to recruit 10 more sisters to join us in the long poi.  These sisters are from all over the world and are so excited to learn poi. This morning Sister Vaivai was helping them make their own poi's while I went off to the airport with my companion.  When I returned, most of them had finished making their own set of long poi.  I was so proud of them!  All their long poi were so beautiful and I had to chuckle because their poi making skills ranked so much better than mine.  Good on them!  Haha!  Apparently, we may or may not have our March 15th performance recorded as previously indicated, so when I do get a copy I can send it home.  At the moment, I am performing the poi,  Pokarekareana, I am, You are, We are Australian, and Aloha Oe, as well as two choir numbers and it's legit!, the whole mission will be singing, "The Sound of Music" and "Called to Serve." I can't wait and I know it's going to be a ton of fun.  Well, this transfer is only a 5-week transfer and then it's General Conference.  CRAZYYYY. Who knows, I may or may not be going outbound next transfer.  But I am in my fifth transfer so next transfer I will be half way through my mission.  Ridiculous right?

Well, family thank you for your prayers and love. Until next week, God be with you 'til we meet again!

Love Sister Chadderton xoxo

P.s. So awesome to learn that Tynan is married and Little Dan has his mission call!!!! So exciting!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

7 February 2013

Hi family,

Sounds like you've had a few trials creeping in and I know that the adversary will try to hurt the ones you love the most.  I am certain that the Lord is watching over the family.  He has a plan for each of us as we do everything to line up our will with His so that He can guide us in the right direction.  Know that I do pray for all of you and this past fast Sunday was really great.  There is a Mormon message by President Uchtdorf that I love and would encourage you to watch.  It is entitled, "Moments that Matter Most."  I know that sometimes in life we have to experience trials to appreciate the blessings, but we also need to focus on the positive.  These positives could come in the form of a few moments of silence when the kids are sleeping, or reading your scriptures at the start of your day.  However they come, look for the good in each day and you will be surprised what will happen.

Thank you to all my fans, I received two letters from my sister Hina this week and it made my day.  Thank you so much Hina!

Last Wednesday we had a Zone activity and watched the movie, "Amazing Grace" then we had a potluck with the sisters and it was great.  Sister Vaivai, Sister Elliot and I are practicing hard out for  our cultural performance on March 15th.  We are performing, "Pokarekareana" and "Poi E" from the movie, "Boy" and it is heaps of fun learning new dances and songs because I feel like I'm back in the village.  It's good fun!  Oh, and guess who I saw on Friday?  I thought you may have emailed me about the Leota family being in Utah.  Well, they walked into the North Visitor's Center while I was at the desk and it was soooooooooooooo good to see them all!!!  They spoilt me and gave me some Tim Tams and Boost bars!  Yum!  My companion was so happy for Tim Tam slams when we got home that night.  The family looked really happy and after I said my goodbyes, I received a letter from Elder Leota.  I had written him a letter so he'd get it when he arrived at the MTC and he responded.  He sounds like he is having a blast.  I loved the MTC while I was there and I hope to work there in the future.

My companion and I had a little scare this week because we felt like someone was following us home the other night.  We have the best security here at Temple Square so I just called them and told them that I felt like someone was following us but wasn't really sure.  When our roommates got home they said, "There are heaps of security guards out making sure the sisters get home safely."  Well, the next morning I was still a little worried because my companion and I do the music for church and have to leave the house around 7:00 a.m. and usually most of the sisters don't leave until 7:10 a.m.  It's pretty dark in the morning when we leave, so I decided this morning to take my torch with me - you know just in case - and possibly protect me and my companion.  Well, I felt a sense of relief when I saw another two companionships walking down the stairs too.  One of the companionships just happened to be Sister Olden and Sister Rakatovao.  I was talking to them about our experience and Sister Olden thought it was the funniest thing since, "Home and Away" ahahahaha.  I laughed and said, "At least I would've been able to protect myself, you never know!"  She laughed some more.  It's cool having so many friends on the mission.  But, with transfers on Tuesday, I hate saying goodbye to the sisters.  It can sometimes be scary finding out who your new companion is too - especially after having such a great companion in Sister Stolp.  Who knows, we might even get to stay together.  So, FYI, I may or may not have a P-Day next week because if it changes from Wednesday to Monday you won't hear from me until the following week, so keep that in mind. 

Our mission is really blessed in that we get to do something called, "Temple Service."   This is where we go to the Temple for three hours and help clean.  It is currently closed and undergoing a few renovations so it was our turn to give service and it was AMAZING!  There were heaps of workers in the Temple and while I'm not sure about all the renovations they are doing, having the opportunity to help clean the carpet and vacuum the stairs and other things was great.  Honestly, the Temple is already really clean but we were helping to make sure it was perfectly clean.  Only the best for the Lord!   One of the housekeepers was so nice and showed us the Sealing rooms (there are more then two floors) and he even showed us the basement/storage area which I thought was pretty cool too.  I got to see more of the Temple cleaning it, then I would have if I'd come to do a session.  It was the best feeling ever being back in the Temple even if it was only to clean for a few hours.  We had a 10 minute break in the cafeteria and it was a little strange talking with the temple workers - without my badge on - and explaining to them that I was a missionary.  I was definitely relieved when I put my badge back on after we finished.

But, "Wow!"  Where has this transfer gone?  We called Abigail today and she was telling us that on Sunday her son Daniel received the Aaronic Priesthood.  That was incredible!  Steve is still hilarious and I didn't realize how much I'd missed English humor (especially from when I lived with the Collings family).   Steve told us the story of when he was banned from his School Library. He said he did something terrible and proceeded to tell us that when he was in Year 7 he was a strong believer that God DID NOT exist so he took all the Religion books in the Library and put them in the Fiction section.  My companion and I couldn't stop laughing while he was sharing and we could sense that it was definitely in his personality to do that as a 12 year old.  Turns out that the Librarian was a Christian and didn't think it was funny at all so he has been banned from the Library ever since!

Well, thats me for another week family.  Thanks for your prayers and fasting.  Keep the faith and trust in the Lord and if your wondering why certain things are happening, pray and ask God for understanding and then read your scriptures!  Love you heaps and I'm very excited for the letters on their way.

Sister Chadderton xoxoxo

P.s  Sorry, no pictures again.  I forgot my camera cord.  I'm turning into Buddy aye!  I'll remember it next week!