Monday, November 25, 2013

26 November 2013


Wow!  Transfers!  Transfer week is always rough and I've been a little emotional these past few days knowing that my companion and many of my friends are finishing their missions this week.  I will miss them so, so,  much.  When my friends were sharing some of the things that they have learnt while serving their missions I was just in awe of how far they've come in the past 18 months.  Each of them has sacrificed so much and I can't believe it's all coming to an end for them.  My class will officially be the oldest class in the mission as of Wednesday and we have some pretty HUGE shoes to fill.

 A story of endurance, patience and long suffering that I have learnt since being here on Temple is about one of our sweetest sister missionaries currently serving who is from the Philippines.  Her father was tragically shot at  the beginning of her mission and this is something that she doesn't talk about  a lot as it is a very sensitive topic but her example of humility is something that stands out to me.  She is totally reliant upon the Lord for strength and knows that He will take care of her and her family.  She told me that she chose to stay on her mission after receiving the news despite the challenges that she has had to endure.  She is such an inspiration to me. There aren't too many sisters in our mission that are aware of her story and her example of striving to follow Jesus Christ is incredible and I love her so much!

Well, I have a new companion and her name is Sister Back (pronounced like Bach the music genius) and she is from Finland/Bolivia so she speaks several languages.  Surprisingly enough, she was also companions with my trainer (mama) Sister Calderwood so thats exciting.  I love her already and am grateful we can be companions for my last transfer.  As Temple Square Co-ordinator's we have the opportunity to help the AP's write up the schedules for the whole mission and it can be quite a tedious job because we only have one computer to set everything up on so being patient and working together in unity with each other can have it's challenges.  Thank goodness for the strength we receive from the Lord or we could go a little nutty and luckily I have a companion who is a little nutty too because we found this toy unicorn and pretended to gallop down the hallway as a, "sanity break" and we were about to do it again when 30 odd missionaries entered the Square from the MTC for visitor's center training.  They had come down to the offices where we were working so we stopped real fast - haha - hid our toy unicorn until they went into the big theater room and then galloped off one more time before going back to work.  Don't worry we didn't spend too much time goofing off but those sanity breaks sure are worth it when you've been stuck in a room with one computer for almost five hours.  Everything worked out nicely.

The AP's had my companion and I assist them in training the mission on what takes place around Christmas time on the Square.  The presentation was fun because we dressed up in Christmas colors, wore reindeer antlers on our head and played Christmas music as the sisters entered the room.  We talked about the many thousands of visitors that will flood the Square over the Christmas season, presented them with the new schedules along with the logistics of Temple Square and staying on the Square until 10:00 p.m. at least twice a week.  We even role played how to usher people effectively up to the Christus Statue in the North Visitor's Centre because sometimes the guests can turn into angry mobs if they are kept waiting too long. It was a successful training and the AP's had written a Temple Square version of the Christmas carol, "Sleigh bells ring…" so we sang it to everyone to end the training.  It was hilarious and I think its what the sisters needed to help them get excited for the hectic Christmas schedule that starts this week  Friday.  But before that, we will celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday and our celebrations this year will take us back to Noah's Ark where we celebrated last year.  I know it will be heaps of fun because after the fun comes all the hard work!

Oh,  I was able to call Brian yesterday in South Carolina and he is still going good.  He still wants to be baptized so hopefully this week is the week!  I'm hoping I can call more of my people this week to find out how they are all doing.  I hope you all have a great week.  I can't believe how quickly this time has gone.  Oh and Sister Pipe is going outbound to the Yuteca New York Mission for two transfers so this will be the last time I see her as she leaves tomorrow morning.  So, so, sad...but such is life.  I know I will see her again!

Take care,

Love you heaps,
Sister Chadderton

P.s.   This week Sister's Jardine and Ellen who used to serve here took my companion and I out to dinner at CPK's - a delicious pizza place - and a member had paid for all of us! So sweet!  I love Ellen!  And today Sister Kyle - another RM from Temple Square - took us out to lunch and it was awesome.  I hope if I'm ever back here I can do the same for a missionary too!  I love Temple Square Sisters - especially those two!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

19 November 2013

Hi Family,

Thank you for all of your emails as I love hearing from everyone and learning how you are doing.  I've had a very busy week and I'm so glad that the Fireside is over and done with because we now have more time to do our missionary work rather then attend music practices.  Last Monday for P-Day we went to a hairdressing school and were given a free scalp massage and it was amazing.  On Tuesday we performed our concert and it was great.   A couple of highlights for me after the performance was seeing Norelle Parker and the Bunting family.  I met Sister Bunting's two returned missionary daughters and they are as awesome as their mum.  Norelle said the concert was, "mint az."  I took that as a pretty good compliment.  Wednesday we were a bit exhausted from the night before but we made it through the day.  Then on Thursday I went in for minor surgery on my toe and it was a lot less dramatic then my last surgery.  It was the actual doctor who numbed my toe this time and it was done in less than 5 minutes.  Such a relief!  I couldn't wear my tights the next day and that turned out to be a big mistake because it was FREEZING!  We attended the, "Savior of the World" performance on Friday night and then headed home for dinner.  I was so cold that I quickly bandaged up my toe, put on my tights and wore them with a shoe on one foot and a jandal on the other just so that my legs were warm. 

I loved the production as it was about the birth and resurrection of the Savior and it was so beautiful.  If you ever get the chance to watch it I highly recommend it.  It's a tear jerker for sure!  The next day my companion and I woke up early to go to the Bountiful Temple.  President gave me permission to go to the temple so Sister Vach and I went.  It started snowing on our way which was a little scary but we made it there in time.  It was so beautiful and I was so happy to go back to the temple after not going for over four months.  I think that's the longest time I haven't attended since I was endowed.  I love the peace that I feel whenever I'm in the Temple.   The session was awesome and I loved the new endowment session.  Afterwards, we took some snow pictures then headed back to Temple Square, stopping in at Cafe Rio for brunch on our way.  The rest of our Saturday was awesome and I believe it was because we started our day by going to the Temple.

Well,  I gave my departing talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday because it is customary to assign Sisters who will soon be leaving to speak every week and since my class is so large they've already started assigning us.  My topic was, "How fasting, combined with sincere prayer, brings greater spiritual strength."  I think my talk went well and I had the opportunity to share some of my own personal experiences.  I always feel spiritually strengthened after I've fasted.  I also shared the testimony I have gained on my mission about paying an honest fast offering.  I had never paid a fast offering before my mission but I knew it was something that was required of me to be fully obedient in keeping the law of the fast so as a missionary I decided to exercise my faith and do it.  I have a testimony that each time I have paid my fast offering - even though I was worried I wouldn't have enough money for food - but when I've paid it, if I was out shopping or buying my lunch either at City Creek or Costco or Nauvoo Cafe, some kind person would step in and pay for my items or give me a $10 or $15 gift voucher. This has happened so many times to me as a missionary and I know the Lord has blessed me because I had the faith to pay my fast offerings.  Miracles!

Well, after Sacrament we went out onto the Square and I had the opportunity to announce in English after Music and the Spoken word was over.  I remember doing this two  General Conferences ago when I first arrived.  It was super cool and Sister Vaivai was able to announce in Samoan.  Haha!  Like twins, we've done so many things together since the beginning of our missions.  Both of our companions are going home next week and they have a lot of departing missionary dinners and meetings scheduled between now and their departure day so Sister Vaivai and I have planned to go on exchanges so that we can continue on doing the work.  I'm really going to miss my companion Sister Vach.  In our staff meeting yesterday the AP's gave us an assignment for next transfer and I was like, "Yes we can do that" then I looked at my companion and she said, "Yes you can do that!"  Then it dawned on me that she won't be here!   I'm going to have to step up and take over the reigns again real soon.  I am praying for a companion that can help me to finish strong.  I can't believe next week will be my last transfer because it just seems like yesterday that I left the MTC.  I do know that the Lord has a plan for me after my mission.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support!  It has meant so much to me.  I wouldn't have had these wonderful experiences and opportunities to serve and help others if it wasn't for all the love and support from home.

I love you all.

Sister Chadderton xoxo

Monday, November 11, 2013

12 November 2013

Hey family!

Awesome week this week! 

Guess who I got to meet this week? Brother Richard Lewis who was the missionary responsible for baptizing Nanny and Grandad Chadderton 50 years ago last month.  It was so neat to meet him and some of his family members.  I met his son almost a year ago during the crazy Christmas season and it was cool to meet his dad and other family members this time round. It was seriously a tender mercy. Dad, I didn't realize that you were named after him and when I told him Ricky was also named Richard he almost cried.  He said he knows he was called to serve his mission in NZ to baptize Nanny and Grandad and he loved hearing all about our family.  They are such a sweet family.

So many tender mercies this week.  Another tender mercy was learning that my ex-companion Sister Walker - from South Carolina Columbia Mission - her mum was on the Square looking for me.  When I learnt this I was on an  assignment but I soon found Sister Olden and she and I went to see if we could find the mum.  Well, I don't know if I'd mentioned that Sister Walker's younger daughter is a famous 11year old popstar and she was rehearsing at the Conference Center to sing at a huge up and coming concert.  We got word that she was at the Conference Centre but we also knew that only the performers were allowed access due to rehearsal time.  I talked to the events people at the door and the lady asked her husband to take us to find the mum.  He took us backstage which then lead us to the stage and there are all the performers on stage and I'm freaking out a little wondering if this is okay to be here.  Then the husband said, pointing to people sitting down, "Go and see if you can find her!"  I can't remember what she looked like but Sister Olden had met her so when we finally saw her she gave me this massive hug.  It was soooooo cool!  We had a picture with Lexi the daughter so we could send it to Sister Walker and it was so neat to talk to her mum. She just emanates love.  When we had to leave I gave her another hug and turned to leave and she yelled out my name and said, "Sister Chadderton, I love you!" It was the sweetest thing ever. I love her daughter and I can see why shes such an awesome person. Most surreal experience but so awesome.

I also heard that Sister Bunting Jnr. had come to, "Music and the Spoken Word" and was searching for me after it.  Sadly, I was in a staff meeting.  Hopefully, she will come to the fireside tomorrow night.  That'll be awesome!

Oh and I called Brian this week as it is something I have been wanting to do.  While he hasn't been baptized as yet, he is still progressing and the sweetest thing happened to him this week.  So the members that emailed you this week mum, they are one of the best missionary families ever!  They had Brian over for a lesson at their home and they bought him a suit and Brian said to me, "Now I look like a million dollars!" It was so cute.  I think he will wear it every day if he could.  He's still working towards baptism so keep praying for him. 

My companion and I are doing great and the stress levels are going down even though we still have stress. We have been balancing our assignments, study, and early morning meetings better and we eat healthy meals which helps.  We have our fireside tomorrow night and we have been practicing hard out for it. I have invited alot of people and hope they come! It'll be awesome. Last one ever!

Anyway family and friends, I love you all and I am trying my best not to think about January 8th!  Keep encouraging me in your emails and prayers and pray for the people in the Phillipines, so tragic!

Thanks for all your love and sacrifices.

Sister Chadderton xoxo 

Monday, November 4, 2013

5 November 2013

Hi everyone,  I hope you've all had an awesome week. So much has happened this week for me and I always feel like I never have enough time to write and share everything with you. 

Anyway, one of the highlights or miracles for me this week was calling one of our convert families in England to see how they are.  You may remember that they were baptized at the beginning of the year in January.  Well, the 18-year old daughter answered the phone and she was so excited to hear from us and couldn't wait to tell me that she has just completed her medical papers for her mission and is looking to leave sometime in the early part of 2014!!!!  That was the best news ever!  Then we learnt that the 16-year old son was recently ordained to the office of a priest and the best news of all was learning that the Mum is preparing to go to the Temple in January 2014.  I was soooooo excited for this wonderful family!  I love being a missionary and having these experiences.  I totally wish I had the funds to fly to England after my mission to go through the Temple with the Mum.  But,  I will settle to go to the NZ Temple in honor of them - so awesome!  I know that I have been blessed to be an instrument in helping others to come unto Christ.

Well, our Halloween party started at 5:00 p.m. and we had a hilarious skit by our AP's about the importance of dressing and grooming modestly.  They did a skit where one of them sat on the lap of the other.  The person sitting on the lap had her arms tied behind her back while the other person sitting on the chair used her arms to apply make-up, hair clips, scarves and perfume on the other.  It was super funny.  Helped us to recognize the importance of taking a bit of pride in our appearance and groom.  After the skit we all enjoyed a baked potato bar for dinner and watched the movie, "Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe!"  Yep!  No Harry Potter this year!   It was an awesome movie and we had a great night!

So, my big toe is healing slowly and I gently slipped my foot into a pair of tights today and then eased my foot into my boots because yesterday was our first day of, "Snow" for the Winter. Crazy!  I haven't missed the snow at all and while I'm glad I won't be spending the entire Winter season here I will miss Temple Square when the time comes to leave. 

Last Monday my companion and I were invited to President & Sister Seppi's home because I wanted to see his house before I leave.  I learnt that while I was on my outbound, the sister missionaries were invited to President's home for a huge BBQ.  He and his wife are the sweetest couple.  President is a genius and he helped to construct the roof of the Conference center, City Creek Mall and is currently working on the Provo Tabernacle/Temple.  Anyway, we went to dinner first at 5:00 p.m. at a nice Mexican Restaurant and then we went to his house and had a fun tour.  We visited one of the ex-secretary's that used to work for President Gillette - Sister Horne - and she too is so sweet and gave us pumpkin chocolate chip cookies which are pretty much my favorite.  My companion and I had an awesome P-Day.

Well family, I received my travel itinerary this week and I'm sorry but I get home really,  really,  early on the morning of January 10 2014 at 5:45 a.m.  I almost cried this week when I learnt that Sister Vaivai had received her travel plans too but we were booked on different flights.   Upon learning this I immediately asked travel if it was at all possible for them to change the bookings to allow us to be on the same flight home.  I love travel because they must have felt sorry for me and they made the changes. Thank goodness!  I can't fly home without my twin! Haha!  At least thats what we dressed up as for Halloween - Twins!

Also, I am trying to schedule a tour with Brother Richard Lewis who was the missionary that baptized Nanny and Grandad Chadderton 50 years ago last month.  He emailed me a few weeks ago and I called him this week so hopefully I can see him and thank him before I go home.  So cool!

Have a wonderful week family and thanks for your prayers.  I love you heaps, thank you for your sacrifices and know that I am doing my best to be obedient and make use of my time wisely.

Sister Chadderton xoxo

Pics: Me and my companion Sister Vach, Twins for Halloween minus the ugly feet, me sitting by the reflection pool, missionary couples, AP's, Halloween celebrations, beautiful Salt Lake City Temple, my ugly big toe.

Friday, November 1, 2013

29 October 2013

Hey Y'all! 

Hope you're having a fantastic week!  Fall on Temple Square is probably one of my favourite times of the year.  The colours are soooooo beautiful and its the perfect temperature too!

So, my week has been busy, but great as usual.  We had to give three trainings this week to help the Sisters with their assignments and they all turned out really well.  President Gillette told us that our responsibility is equal to the role of a Zone Leader but we don't have a zone beneath us, instead we have the whole mission.  It's good fun!  We are doing a Desk Etiquette and Dress and Grooming training tomorrow morning but we've assigned the Zone Leaders specific topics to present.

Mum, you wrote that Elder Oaks visited the South Carolina Mission but guess who was our surprise speaker at 7:30 a.m. this morning?  Yep, Elder & Sister Oaks!  It was a great experience and he and his wife are the funniest and sweetest people you will ever meet.  Did you know Elder Oaks is now 81years old? I had no idea!  Well, his talk was very inspiring and I received more guidance on how to continue to remain strong after my mission - which is something I have been a little worried about.  I've heard the transition of going home can be a little rough but if we continue to do our spiritual preparations each day we will be fine. They talked about how blessed we are to be sent to this mission and I kept nodding and saying to myself, "I know it!  I am so blessed!"

We have another concert/musical fireside that we are preparing for.  Very different from the last one. The Polynesian sisters are doing a special number so hopefully it will sound okay - no poi balls involved this time because its meant to be a more spiritual meeting.  It's in two weeks (Tuesday 12 November) at 7:30 p.m. so if you live in Utah and want to be spiritually uplifted bring a friend who needs to be uplifted too! It will be held In the Assembly Hall again.  My companion is awesome on the piano so I'm excited for everyone to hear her!

This week is fun because its Halloween!  Temple Square closes early that day and then we will have a mission activity.  If you remember last year's party we had a special guest - Harry Potter - so hopefully this year he will come back...fingers crossed.

I just wanted to give a shout out to my awesome zone leaders, Sister Olden from Australia and Sister Anderson from Indianna. We had a zone meeting this week and our standard of excellence is focused on Christlike attributes. They challenged us to pick one to work on for the transfer so I chose patience and my companion chose patience and charity.  Needless to say whenever you want to achieve a Christlike attribute you are given trials to help you accomplish that so we are trying to be more patient and show forth more charity by the end of this transfer.  I'm grateful we have a loving Heavenly Father who wants to help us reach our potential and gives us opportunities to grow.

Hope you all are able to think of something you can work on for the rest of the year and pray for that attribute to help you become the person Heavenly Father wants you to be.

I love you all!

Happy Halloween!!!

Sister Chadderton