Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas world!

Oh my goodness, what a week filled with many different experiences. I will try and focus on the positive this week because it's Christmas and we are meant to be happy!

Well, I have been really grateful for my leaders and fellow sisters in my mission. I have really felt the love of the Lord and his strengthening arm holding me up when I've felt a little down.

On Friday my companion had to go to physio so I went on exchange with another sister who is from the Dominican Republic and we had to take a group of Spanish people on a tour of Welfare Square.  When we arrived at Welfare Square the sisters that were already there said that they had just received a phone call to say the tour was cancelled.   That was sad.  Anyway, there were soooooo many people in the Bishop's Storehouse waiting to get food and as missionaries that is something we get to help them with.  The lady who was in charge was feeling a little stressed because there were so many people to attend to so Sister Silverio and I jumped in and helped out.  It was such a humbling experience for me.  What we would be doing is called, "Hosting" and it is where you have a clip board with a list of items people can choose from to take home and its all for free.  We take a person with us and we walk down each aisle with them and tell them how many cans of stew etc. they can put in their cart/trolley.  It was incredible to see how many people receive help and how it's for free.  I helped this one person and the second time I helped two boys - the older boy was probably about 14 and the younger one was probably 5.  I was so humbled by these two boys and wanted to start crying because the oldest boy looked like Buddy and they had come without their parents to get food to take home. They got soooooooooo much food and I was just wondering if they were going to be okay. They were really humble boys and I just wanted to hug them as they left but honestly it was the best service I could have done as a build up to Christmas.  I needed to have that experience to remind me of my purpose as a missionary and to be grateful for everything the Lord has blessed me with throughout my life.

Sure, I have had a few trials, but I am learning some new skills or what I like to call them, "Christlike attributes" that are helping me to become a better person. This season has been really crazy and physically demanding as we are required to be on the Square until 10:00 p.m. each night this week and some mornings we wake at 5:50 a.m. for basketball/volleyball but its great!

On Friday night we had our dinner appointment at the Glade Family's home and it was so good!  They are the sweetest couple and Sister Glade is a vocal teacher and she had invited one of her students to come and perform for us and it was so nice. It was the best, first experience I've had of having dinner at a members home as a missionary.

Tonight we have a mission Christmas party at 4:00 p.m. and we don't know what we are going to do and tomorrow night we will attend another party.  It will be a week from today for transfers and more changes as a result of that. The time on a mission is so short and I know I have to make the most of every minute.

I love you family and I'm very excited to talk to you soon.  I know some people have been trying to find me this week and for those who didn't find me, I appreciate your efforts and determination.  Thank you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!  Be grateful for what you have been blessed with.

Sister Chadderton

Monday, December 17, 2012

18 December 2012

Hi Family,

Surprise!  I've moved on to my third companion for this transfer and we are just over half way.  I don't think I'm cut out for these kind of surprises.  My new companion was having some issues with her last companionship so an emergency transfer was the solution.  President Gillette called my trio in on Thursday morning to tell us the news.  I was so sad to be leaving my trio because I loved them so much. The first few days with my new companion was fine - the usual awkward adjusting period - but today we have had a few trials creep in so I am trying to remain positive in overcoming them.

Thank you family for your prayers and the love that I have received from you through other people.  Not to be rude or anything, but I am looking forward for this transfer to be out of the way and I'm looking forward to the New Year so I can make some New Year resolutions.  Thanks for the words of wisdom that you all gave to me, I really needed them.

I'm learning that Mission life has it's ups and downs and it's because the Lord is shaping me to be the person he knows I can become.  I just need to endure to the end and everything will be okay.  I'm looking forward to those Vitamin D tablets because I feel like I'm definitely lacking in that department.  I am really mourning the summertime and despite the cold, the snow is beautiful but I just miss the sun. Sometimes its hard when  you have problems with a companion because I feel like there is no one I can talk to and if I do talk to someone else then I feel like I'm gossiping.  I will work it out.  Keep me in your prayers please.

Oh, I loved the photos of the family.  Thanks heaps.  The babies are growing up way too fast, especially baby Rawiri.  He's going to be running around before you know it. 

On a more positive note, we were lucky enough to be surprised by our Mission President to attend the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert and it was AMAZING!  So inspirational and I was so grateful for our President's thoughtfulness in allowing us to attend.  Yesterday, at church we found out that Sister Gillette and one of the full time missionaries serving here - Sister Creer - have organized a dinner appointment at one of the members homes for all of the Temple Square missionaries!  Woohoo!  This means that we get to go and experience what it's like to have dinner in a member's home and it was touching to find out that there were so many families that had volunteered to have the missionaries over.  So, we are blessed to go to the Glade families home on Friday night for dinner and each missionary is to share a family tradition.  So, I received Hina's postcard in the mail this week with the Maori version of, "Silent Night" so I am hoping to learn it on the Ukulele this week so I can play and sing it for them.  It might turn out tragic but we'll see.  If all else fails then acapella it is.  But tonight is the last night that our Temple Square Choir will perform and its been so good singing in the Choir for everyone that comes to the Square on Monday nights.

Oh, bytheway, I saw Brother Carter the other day and it was so good to see him and he told me that his family were coming the following night to the Square and to wait for them at 7:00 p.m. Unfortunately, that was the night I was going to the Tabernacle Choir Concert and my trio and I tried stalling but by 7:10 p.m. my companions wanted to go so I missed them by 10 minutes. Tell them I love them!

It was especially sad to hear about the cyclone in Samoa and also the shooting in the USA.  I hope that all the people are able to feel solace and comfort from God at this time of year. I know I have really appreciated learning about the true meaning of Christmas this year instead of all the hustle and bustle of shopping. 

I'm sorry family if this email isn't my usual upbeat email, but I am really looking forward to calling home in 7 days and talking to you all.  I have felt the tender mercies of the Lord this week and although he gives us trials that we sometimes feel are too hard to overcome I know he helps us.  I'm grateful for the Saviour Jesus Christ and knowing that if I am true and faithful I can be together with my family again.  I cannot believe I'm almost at my 6 month mark - but who's counting? Haha....

Love to you all and thanks for being the bestest family in the whole wide world. Wish everyone you see a Merry Christmas and set some New Year resolutions. 

Sister Chadderton xoxox Merry Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12 December 2012


Well, Winter is here and I wish I was more excited, but I don't like the cold so I'm coping good enough and am just going to tough it out. Thank you for the emails, I love the pictures but mum and dad you still have to send some pictures of the both of you! 

So much to tell you about this week. It has been a great week, no worries, and I keep seeing miracles happen.  I am so grateful for my companions and being in a trio is fun.  It's nice to have both of them as a support network for me.  Christmastime is great and I love thinking about the Saviour but I just keep seeing families around and missing my own.  It was so good to talk to you mum, dad, Hina and Rawiri and I wasn't sad at the time.  I'm just looking forward to calling you in less than two weeks.  I was also thinking that the next time I get to call home will be Mother's Day so I might ask President if I can call a few weeks later so I can talk to Buddy as well because he will be home in May.

Thank you for the sacrifices you make mum and dad to help us kids on our missions. I know it musn't be easy and I hope that because of our service you continue to be blessed.

Well, I talked with President this week about Sister J Chadderton coming to Temple Square and this is what he said:  "We can eat and visit together for an hour and the rest of the time we will be proselyting until she is to leave." He said he wants to meet her and that we can enjoy being missionaries together. So, I'm excited to be able to show my sister around my mission and enjoy being with her before she goes home to you all. I will send the Christmas presents home with her to save money. I also saw Aunty Niva and Ashevonne this week and Aunty Niva asked if she could bring me some food on Christmas day or pick me up and take me to her house.  I told her I couldn't call her and let her know what I can or can't do but I did ask President what he thought and he said if we meet at the Square and she wants to bring me food then thats fine with him.  So, Hina can you call Aunty Niva (your mother-inlaw) and see if she can meet me at the Flag pole at 12:00 noon on Christmas day and if that's a good time for her? If its not, that's okay.  I got excited when she offered to bring me some of her amazing cooking.

Amidst my, "pity party" as Sister J likes to call it, where I was feeling a little sad and didn't feel very loved (whichI know is Satan trying to discourage me from focusing on my mission), yesterday we had a mission tour with Elder Evans of the Seventy and he gave a great talk and the spirit was so strong.  I really felt like his talk confirmed that I am exactly where I'm meant to be and that the Lord is  helping me along the way.  Then, last night after contacting a family, a lady and her children stopped me and said that they were friends with you mum. The Kilts family, I'm not sure where they travelled from but Sister Kilts said that her son was serving a mission in Guatemala and she couldn't take him anything so she wanted to bring me something. Boy did I feel humbled to feel the love of the Lord from the members.  She didn't know that I was experiencing those feelings but it really made my day and helped lift my spirits.  Thank you so much Sister Kilts!!! & family.  Her other son is leaving for his mission soon to the Philippines and its just exciting to see how many more children of God are going out into the field. The other day there was a huge gathering of girls who received a Facebook invitation to meet at the front of the Reflection pool on Temple Square to have a photo. The girls were all those who had recently received there mission calls and they were to come holding the flag of the country they were going to serve in.  There were over 300 girls that turned up for the photo and it was so touching to see so many girls soooooooo excited to be serving a mission. I talked to two of the girls who were called to Australia - Melbourne and Perth Mission's - and I helped them get even more excited. So, so, cool.

I also met a lady last night who came to the Square with her family and turns out her sister was mission companion's with Aunty Tiff.  Her name is Melanie Anderson and her sister said to say hi. Small world right?

Well, its been a great week and health wise and physically I've felt better this week. The Kilt family were so sweet and brought me a big bag with hot chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate, vegetable thins, mandarins and peanut butter. So good and so sweet of them! Thanks for joining the blog mum because I have felt the love.  One of the Sisters here - Sister Walsh - said she wants the link to send her mum to join so when you get a chance could you do that.  I know her dad reads my blog to so, "Hi Brother Walsh!"

Oh, can you ask Julia Colling's for her home address please because she sent me an email and I want to reply to her but I need her home address. 

Hope you are all well and healthy and are enjoying the warmer weather for me!

Favourite scripture of the day:

Alma 26:11-12:

 11 But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God.
 12 Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.
Love you all, keep the faith and this week smile and say hello to everyone.  Oh and I heard Channie put her mission papers in (via my friend Amanda Raybould). Tell her congrats from me and tell her I'm so happy for her!!!! YAY for missionary work. I can't wait to be a mission prep teacher when I get back.

Picture 1:  I went to Music and the Spoken Word.
Picture 2:  I saw my friend Amanda afterwards.
Picture 3:  Opening my present from the Kilts Family
Picture 4:  My MTC District - we are all grown up.

Hi Brother & Sister Walsh,

Here is the link to join the ldsmissionarymom's group.  The dad's can join to if they wish.


Kind regards,
Ra Chadderton

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

6 December 2012

Hi Family!!!

Well, what a week I have to share with you. I apologize if this email is a little choppy because there is so much that has happened since my last email and I only have 30 minutes left to get it down.

My companion Sister Fialho is incredible and we have had so much fun and have really worked hard. When we have our companionship inventory we have no problems or issues to discuss and it is so lovely.  The day after inventory we received a phone call and it was from our Mission President asking if we can go and see him… like now!   So, as we walk over to his office, I'm starting to freak out a little because usually you meet with President if something tragic has happened at home and yup anyway.  So, he tells us to both come into his office and sit down and tells us that a Sister that had just gone outbound a week and a half ago wasn't doing so well dealing with her phobias so she is coming back to Temple Square.  President was wondering how my companion and I felt about becoming a trio.  "Whew!  That's it?"  I was genuinely excited because I know my twin Sister Vaivai was in a trio so I would be following in her footsteps being in a trio.  I was really excited and the sister was coming back the next day.  That night we rushed home to move things around in our room to fit another bed some where and to get it ready for our new companion.

The next day (Saturday) we meet up with our new companion - Sister Chen - and it was really good to talk to her. I hadn't really talked to her much before and she is in her 5th transfer.  She is from Taiwan and went outbound to Salt Lake City and had a really hard time.  I think it wasn't what she expected and felt she was wasting her time because she said some days they would only teach one person the whole day and the rest of the time they were either biking or knocking on doors. Okay, so it was then that I realized how much we really are spoilt here on Temple Square.  We teach almost all day and we don't have to knock on doors or ride a bike with our laundry hanging off it. We are definitely blessed. Don't get me wrong we have our unique challenges here but after her experiences, I appreciated my mission more.  It did not deter my enthusiasm for going outbound because I want those struggles. They will be hard but thats life and if every other missionary can do it then I know with the Lord's help, I can do it too. 

Sunday morning we had a really nice Fast and testimony meeting and President Gillette announced that we will now be having Relief Society classes on a Thursday morning. I was so, so, so, excited because I have really missed it. We aren't able to have Sunday School or Relief Society on Sunday's due to Music and the Spoken Word finishing at 10:00 a.m. and other assignments that we have to cover.  But, the mission department really wants us to have it so we are trialling Relief Society on Thursdays.  President also announced that we had been invited to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and that a Student Ward was coming to Temple Square from Provo to cover us while we attended the Devotional. Again more excitement!!!  We were a little bit too excited after that announcement and President had to remind us that we were still in Sacrament! "Whoops!"   Such great blessings of serving on Temple Square. The day passed quickly in anticipation for the Devotional and it was just amazing.  I hope you all get a chance to watch it because the personal experiences that were shared about Christmas are truly inspiring. 

Oh, before I forget I got my Christmas package YAY!!!  So funny though, yesterday Sister Smith got her Christmas package from home too and we decided to swap packages and open each others to check to see if the presents were individually wrapped or not.  We did it back to back so all I heard while my companion was looking through my package was, "WOW! WOW! Ohhhh, your family really loves you!"  The box is deceiving because it makes it look like its got a lot less then what was inside. I did see that there was a stocking and Sister Smith stuffed some unwrapped stuff in there so I am excited for Christmas.  Thank you family for sharing your love with me. For many sisters here on Temple Square this will be their first Christmas in a different country as some of them know that in their home countries they do not celebrate it.  It's so cool helping them to have such a great first experience.

We also found out like Elder Chadderton that our ending transfer dates will be changing but mine will be coming forward one week so its about a year exactly after Sister Chadderton the first gets home that you will be seeing me. Strange how fast time goes.

Today for P-Day we went shopping and I printed off some Christmas cards and they will be in the post tomorrow. My sad attempt at being cheesy but know that I love you and gave up my nap so that I could send you photos.  Mum I might see if Sister J can bring the Christmas presents home if they cost too much to post when I go to the Post Office. 

Michel and Gem congratulations!  Michel, you looked so beautiful and congratulations to Steven John and Jas on baby number 2.  How exciting and lucky Uncle Jared as he will be home soon and won't know what's hit him with all the babies every where...so cool.

Choir last night was fun, I sang a few times throughout the night with different groups. The Polynesian sisters (13 of us I think) we sing, "Little Drummer Boy" and I stand next to my twin in almost every song.  Funny story - We were contacting these 2 bus drivers the other night and they weren't really interested in learning about the gospel, but then last night one of them walks up to Sister Vaivai and said, "Hey its good to see you again."  Well, she's like umm....yeah its good to see you again...uh sorry when did we meet? Lol Glad to know its not just happening to me.

On Saturday we were assigned to take a group of Young Women around Temple Square and amongst them were non members and less actives. It was the most powerful teaching experience I've ever had. It was the first time our trio taught together. The Lord helped us to teach with unity and it was so good. The spirit was so strong and I know those young women were able to feel the spirit.  We shared our individual stories about how we each came to serve a mission and how we prepared and I loved looking back on my life and seeing how the Lord has led me to this point in my life so that I could really be a missionary for him today. So great. 

This week I saw one of my friends - Dave Young - and he's almost on his way home to Sydney after he stops off at Disneyland for me and my MTC teacher Sister Lim.  She is so great and I loved seeing her.

Well, some of our sisters are getting hit with lots of illnesses this week - the flu has been taking out a lot of them - and because we don't get a chance to sleep it off, it stays around longer and I currently have a sore throat.  I went to the pharmacy to get some medicine to help fight it off before it gets worse and I bought some E-mergen C that Sister Chadderton recommended I get for Winter.

This morning we went to the Temple because I kept having promptings that I needed to go to the Temple today and it was wonderful. I have carried that peace that comes from being in the Temple throughout the whole day. I love the Temple and was able to receive some answers to questions I had.  It's hard sometimes to be in a trio because we have to respect 3 opinions instead of 2 and when we teach, we teach shorter but powerful statements and the spirit helps.

Please tell Hillary I said hi mum and I'm so happy she is home and I know she will adjust fine. I miss her though and look forward to seeing her when I return one day.
Crazy how fast Sister Chadderton finishes but I can't wait to spend time with her and I am meeting with my Mission President to talk about what we can or can't do during her layover.

Oh and guess what?  I get to call home for 5 minutes tomorrow to set up a time to call around Christmas.   Unfortunately, family I'm sorry in advance because we don't have Skype so it's just a phone call from me but President has allowed us to call for 1 hour instead of 45 minutes, so blessings!

Love you all heaps,

Please keep doing your missionary work because you are withholding blessings from the Lord when you don't.

Love Sister N Chadderton

Picture 1 - At Christmas Devotional
Picture 2 - Our trio

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

28 November 2012

Hi family!!!

Yes, yes, I know, it's been a week and a half and no emails!  But I did warn you that I wouldn't have a P-Day last week if my Zone was changed and yup, it was changed.

But, first we had Transfer Conference on Monday (last week) and I was a wreck leading up to it because of nerves. I had been with my trainer for 3 months and now a new companion, what?  We met as a zone and found out about lots of changes.  My companion Sister Calderwood was sent outbound to Louisiana for 3 transfers so I won't see her again until the end of March.  Crazy!!!  And my new companion is Sister Fialho from BRAZIL! Cool hey! "Bom Dia" is good morning and to say hello its, "Oi" lol not too different to what I say anyway but its fun learning Portuguese. We have taken a few Portuguese tours and the people are really lovely like my companion. But you might notice I look like a whale next to her in the photo because she is very tiny.  She is a vegetarian and this contributes to that fact. Poor thing I don't know how she does it but I love her so much and we have had a great first week together. She is super patient and always involves me when we take the language tours and translates my English for the the Portuguese people. 

Well, after we found out everything that was happening, we had Transfer conference in the Assembly Hall which was fun, and it was a musical program and the sisters who were performing in the Visitors Centre choirs got up and performed. So I got to sing a few times which was fun. Sister Kealamakia is no longer AP and for her last transfer is a zone leader and Sister Schiaffi from Newcastle Stake is the new AP with Sister Lane from Canada.  Oh and my new zone is North 1 so I'm still on the Square quite a lot which is great! Especially since the Christmas lights turned on last Friday.

But wait yes I do live with Sister Smith and she is so sweet! She was companions with my last District leader and its cool to have another Aussie living with me because Sister Schiaffi was living with us but moved out after transfers. Sister Smith is a Zone leader and is so nice.  I love her. 

So, Thanksgiving was so much fun, honestly, I don't mean to brag, but my mission is the bestest mission. We were on the Square until 1:00 p.m. then we met up at West Gate and caught a bus not knowing where we were all going to or what we were going to do (our leaders like to keep us in suspense).  But we arrived at this place called, "Noah's Ark" which is a huge Recreational Centre and we had a massive party.  We did a Thanksgiving play to start the celebrations and then there were all these activities for us to choose from. There was Karaoke, Walleyball (so much fun I'm a huge fan) it's volleyball but in a room like a squash court, you could play pool, ping pong, watch Monsters Inc. or Brave or do Christmas crafts. I did Karaoke with my fellow friends Sister Vaivai and Olden and heaps of other sisters and it was crack up.  There was cowboy gear provided so if you wanted to you could dress up while you sang. Then we all had a huge Thanksgiving dinner and guess who came to dinner? The General Primary President - Sister Wixom and her husband.  Their son is married to the daughter of a missionary couple in my mission - Elder & Sister Creer - and they were asked to put together the Thanksgiving dinner for us all and when her son told his family that his inlaws were planning and organizing the dinner, Sister Wixom asked if she could come to meet all the sisters. So, she did and she had a line of missionaries wanting to talk to her and take millions of photos and she was so sweet.  I didn't want to make her just take a photo with me so I didn't but it was so cool having her come.  Well, after eating a true American feast we did, "Line Dancing!"  Yep!  If you can imagine all the sister missionaries going crazy to the country music and dancing it was so much fun.  I pretty much danced the rest of the night away as well as played a bit of pool and walleyball. I didn't feel like watching movies again because the last time I watched Brave I was with Button, so stink I didn't wanna watch it without her.  But it was so much fun and our Mission Presidency got up and did some line dancing too which was crack up!

Well, the day after Thanksgiving is huge because it is when Temple Square lights up and believe me, "It LIGHTS up!"  I can't take pictures at night because there are too many people but the lights are beautiful and there are people EVERYWHERE!  It was very overwhelming the first day but I'm getting used to it more and more and I love meeting soooooo many people. The Lord really guides us to who we should talk to so I trust in him. 

On Sunday we went to a baptism for Kumbay who my new companion took on an investigator lesson with her old compaion Sister Puttapong from Thailand.  Kumbay is in a Thai/Laos Ward and there were 6 Temple Square missionaries who attended the baptism because my companion and her old companion (with her new companion) don't drive (only American and Canadian sisters are allowed to drive).  But it was the best baptism and it seemed like the whole Ward had attended and everything was in Thai - I thought Joe would love that.  We had to have translators and this one sister translated the whole thing.  It was pretty high tech.  Afterwards they invited us to eat and there were tables of food lined up of Thai/Laos/Cambodian and American food. It was like missionary heaven. They were so sweet to us and made sure we went first because we had to quickly eat and then get back to the Christmas madness at Temple Square. I think I'm gonna ask President Gillette if I can do my outbound to just that Ward. LOL

But last night and every Monday night the Temple Square missionaries perform in the North Visitors Centre. I sing a few times throughout the night so I go on exchanges with Sister Magaoay - my MTC companion - on Monday's because then our companions can still do the assignments we have.  It is so much fun performing and our Mission President and his wife and President Seppi were sitting in the front row and supported us the whole time. It was special and I really do love my mission.

Yay for Sister Chadderton's layover! I am so, so, so, happy! I emailed my Mission President today about the layover, so I will find out details of what we can do while shes here.

Thank you for all your letters.  I hadn't received any mail in over a week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.  The mail room was shut down from Thursday-Sunday and yesterday I received an in-flux of mail and it really did bless my day.

Well, family its 4 weeks until Christmas and know that I love you all. Thanks for all the support you give me because I really do feel the love from you.  Enjoy the hot weather because it's flippin' freezing here. I don't know if I could live in Utah after my mission because I really dislike the cold.

Be safe and keep praying everyday.

Oh, and challenge for the week, "Share the message of Jesus Christ somehow, somewhere, whether it be through a phone call, Facebook, email, at McDonalds etc..  It doesn't have to be long but do it and the Lord will bless you."

Merry Christmas

Love Sister N Chadderton xoxoxoxo

Thursday, November 15, 2012

16 November 2012

Hey family!!!!

How are you all doing? Thanks for another week of emails. I really do love hearing how you all are and the things you get up to.

Before I forget, this is the last week before transfers on Monday so I may not have a P-day next week.  Just incase you don't hear from me until the week after, know that I love you.

Well, last P-day was fun.  We went with a couple of other companionships from our Zone who we are really good friends with.  Sisters Kim and Lee went to the baptism with us the other time and Sisters Hee and Silverio are our roommates.  We first went to D.I at Welfare Square and I got a new shirt for $3.00 and a beautiful green jumper for $3.00 and a photo album for $2.00 for all the photos my loved ones send me, so I am getting organized. Then we went to Walmart to pick up a few things and print some photos off to send home to you all and then we went to Taco Bell for dinner. I was so excited and happy when we got to have Taco Bell's and reminisced good ole' BYU-Hawaii days or more like nights when you'd be bored and want to find something to do. Good times. Then my companion and Sister Kim wanted to get their nails done so we found a Nail Salon for them and the rest of us wrote letters while they did that. Then we got home, did some cooking & laundry and then went to bed. Next week we do P-days differently because of the Christmas season and Temple Square being so busy at night.  We go back to having P-days from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. as opposed to 1:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Something I really enjoyed this week was basketball in the mornings. The sisters incharge of the exercise facilities asked our Mission President if we were allowed to play full court basketball because its winter and the sisters are getting fat and need to run.  Hahaha!  They are their words not mine and President said yes!  So, we go down at 6:05 a.m. (sleep walk pretty much) and run, run, run, while playing basketball and its so fun. Because of the early morning wake-ups I wasn't feeling too good on Tuesday night so I took some nurofen and felt a lot better.  The weather has been cold but it's not snowing anymore.   W e had desk assignment for a few hours and 2 people referred to have a Book of Mormon, so even though I was sick I was blessed. 
Its so crazy to think that my training is almost over and I will indeed be getting a new companion.  Twelve weeks is a long time to be with someone but its been a lot of fun.  Our nickname that the sisters call us is Chadderwood or Calderton because our names are so similar and we both react to it haha. Its going to be interesting to see if I have someone from America or from a different continent in the world.  So far I've had a Hawaiian and an Alaskan companion so I'm guessing probably someone from Asia next time. 

On Monday we had a Mission Meeting (we have them often) and we had no idea what it was going to be about. Well, they had the Director for the Musical Production, "Savior of the World" attend.  Just so you know, the musical production is performed every year at the Conference Centre. We were told that this year it was going to be a little different.  The leaders felt like the production wouldn't be complete without the missionaries being involved. So, this year they are giving us tickets to the play to give out to investigators that will benefit from watching it and would like to learn more about our beliefs. They are having the missionaries give the opening & closing prayers at each performance and there will be three companionships available for people to ask for referrals after they watch the play.  The actors and actresses in the play are now called missionaries because each of them have prepared to testify throughout the production of the Savior Jesus Christ and his life. To top all of this excitement off they allowed each of us missionaries to attend the play so that we can know what it's all about and then we can share this knowledge with the guests who come to Temple Square and give them tickets and invite them to go and watch it.   The cast had dress rehearsals this week so the Zones were split up to go on different days to watch the performances.  My zone went last night and it was so amazing! It is based on the life of the Savior but this production has apostles that were assigned to oversee it. They helped to write the script and tweak things so it is exactly what the Lord would want to have portrayed.  On the opening night the curtains came up and seated were 14 men in the audience (the First Presidency and the apostles, excluding one who was sick).  They watched the performance and then the next day they all met in the Temple and revised the script and the performance and gave instructions on which parts of the play to change and whether to include more people in a certain scene etc.  These little changes made a huge difference.  Watching it last night with that in mind I was like, "Wow, that is interesting!  I wonder if it was the Apostle that added that?" or, "Hmm, I wonder if the Apostles added that line to the script?"  It was fabulous and I hope to be apart of that play one day.

This week just flew by and I am looking forward to next week because Thursday is Thanksgiving (free food, yay!) and on Friday the Christmas lights on Temple Square will be turned on and they will definitely light up the place!  They usually expect between 15-20,000 people on the first day of the lights being turned on. This next month will be extremely busy but it'll be heaps of fun at the same time.  I mean, when have I ever said that we're not busy? Thanks for all you do family and for your prayers they keep me going! 

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the reason why I'm here and the reason I get up everyday.  I love him so much and I owe him my life.  Congratulations to Brookey and Lehi and wishing them all the happiness that married life brings.  I met two people the other day who served in Fiji that knew them so that was pretty cool. I'm going to see if I can help take the International missionaries around Temple Square next transfer so I can see Sister Fuimaono, Elder Leota and Elder Tong. That will be pretty awesome. I'm also going to be in my third transfer.  Woohoo!  

Love you all, be safe,

Things I am thankful for:

1.   Loving family
2.   Healthy body
3.   Wonderful mission
4.   Atonement of Jesus Christ
5.   Home made NZ food
6.   Whittaker's & Cadbury chocolates
7.   Beaches
8.   The sun
9.   The Book of Mormon
10. Beautiful niece and nephews

What are you all thankful for?

Love Sister Chadderton

Thursday, November 8, 2012

9 November 2012


How are you all doing? 

Well, where to begin?  I was thinking last night about what to write and I got kinda stumped.  We do so many different things every day so it's hard to know what to share exactly.

So, I thought I'd give you a run down of a typical day in the life of a Temple Square missionary.  As you know, we are a white handbook mission so its very similar to what the fellow missionary siblings are doing but with a few vast differences.  We wake up around 6:30 a.m. say our prayers and then exercise for 30 minutes.  At 8:00 a.m. we have personal study time and at 9:00 a.m. is companionship studies.  Following companionship studies we pack up and head to the Square.  Depending on our schedule, we might have Square time or Teaching Centre time. We get an hour for lunch and dinner (now that things at the Square have slowed down after General Conference), but during Christmas our lunch and dinner times will probably drop back to 30 minutes again and we will stay on the Square until 9:45 p.m. before returning home. But, during Square time have a variety of duties which include contacting or calling the guests who have recently visited, we take tours and we teach, teach, teach the whole time.  In the Teaching Centre we call our investigators - some we have met on the Square and have referred for local missionaries or some who want a copy of the Book of Mormon or people that we teach after they have called in via the Church's website mormon.org.  We have such amazing resources available and our challenge is to try not to overload people with too much information at once because there is so much to share.  Teaching Centre time has it's challenges because you can be in front of a computer screen for up to five hours.  We have received a lot of training on contacting referrals, especially those from Conference time.  One day my companion and I called and left 22 messages because no one was answering their phones. It can be quite nerve racking calling referrals because a). You have never met the person before b).  You don't know what they're thinking and c). You really are reliant upon the spirit as to what to share from Preach My Gospel and d). You pray fervently that something you have nervously shared touches their heart and they want to learn more.  I know it happens because miracles happen all the time. 

Yesterday our Zone had Teaching Centre time for 2 hours and we wanted to pump up our efforts so we had a goal to contact two people and refer them to local missionaries to teach.  Well, I left twelve messages because no one answered their phone, but in my Zone18 people accepted the invitation to have local missionaries go and teach them.  Miracles!

One of our investigators (I won't mention his name for privacy reasons) but let's call him Peter.  Well, he was an inbound call we received and he had some really serious problems with morality.  He was a Pastor for his church but stepped down because he felt guilty for contradicting what he was teaching.  We had been teaching him for a few months but this past week we hadn't been able to reach him.  He lives in a rural area and he said the folks where he lives gossip alot and he didn't want to meet with local missionaries incase his mother got upset about it.  Well, he called us to say that he had talked to one of the Senior missionaries serving in his area who taught him about the Priesthood.  Oh and ever since we have been teaching Peter he accepted to live the Law of Chastity!  But he called and said he had been reading the Book of Mormon for hours this morning and feels like he's addicted.  We asked him if he know's if it is true and he said yes and is willing to declare it from the rooftops.  He wants to receive the priesthood but is really scared about baptism. We shared a scripture with him found in 2 Nephi 31 where it talks about Jesus Christ and his baptism and asked him to pray.   And to think that we had come so close to dropping him from our list  because he was not progressing.  We fasted as a Zone this past Sunday for different ones and then we get a call from Peter to say the church is true. I know the Lord works miracles and the Book of Mormon is the convincing evidence that this is truly God's church.  I know that the Church has been restored once again through the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

Sister J sent me some amazing talks this week and the one that really stood out was a talk by Brad Wilcox on, "Grace."  If we really understood what grace is then we would understand that the Lord does not require us to be perfect but to be clean.  He needs us to keep his commandments and when we fall, we need to pick ourselves up and keep trying. The Lord said the spirit cannot dwell in unholy temples so if we can feel the spirit then our temples are holy.  How cool is that? I often feel like I am unworthy or inadequate to teach people about repentance when I am not perfect but I know that because of Grace I am made perfect in him.  I love that I have this opportunity to really study the Book of Mormon with my whole mission.  It is really strengthening us.  I know how important it is to use the tools the Lord has given us now or else we won't receive anything else. Why would he give us more to read when we are not even cherishing the words of God he has already given to us that were prepared over thousands of years ago. Yup, sorry for sounding a little preachy but it's so true, we don't appreciate what we already have and yet, the church is so true!

I really love Square time and you have to discern through the Spirit the people who you need to talk to and when they feel the spirit and refer to learn more its so worth it.  To give you an idea of numbers on how many people we contact, we did a survey recently on how many investigators we had taught in the past two weeks and just so you know, a teaching is counted as having taught 2 or more principles and inviting them to do something.  In my companionship we had taught over 70 lessons and about 50 members.  That's in two weeks!  So, if people think that Temple Square missionaries are just standing around looking, "Pretty" they are so wrong. I believe that at times, we work twice as hard and have to be so obedient in what we do because we are surrounded by people who see us as the Ambassadors of the Church for our countries.  What a privilege and a blessing it has been for me to have that trust given to me from the Lord.  He really trusts us with his work and it is so important that we give it our all.

The Square is getting prepared for Christmas now and I can't wait for the day after Thanksgiving because then, Temple Square will be alight and it's so exciting!!! The Nativity Scene is already on display and there are lights on almost every tree.  I wish you were all here to see it.  It's magnificent, but I will send you pictures. There is a big snow storm forecast for this weekend so it will turn Salt Lake into a Winter Wonderland and be more beautiful.  Yay!  Oh and I got to go to another baptism this past week because my companion was the driver and thats the only reason we went.  We took two other companionship's with us because they had taught the investigator so six Temple Square missionaries arrive at this baptism and there are four local sister missionaries and it looked a little comical because the person being baptized felt special that everyone had come. So good. Oh and I had my first Zone Conference and it was held at the Pioneer Heritage Museum.  It was so cool and there were lots of things to see! The training was so good and very inspired.   I love having Sister Kealamakia as our AP.  Love it and love her!

We have been practicing lots of Christmas songs because we have a Temple Square missionary choir that will sing in the Visitor's Centre and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the upcoming weeks and I love singing the Christmas carols. 

My companion and I have two more weeks together before transfers and it's so sad knowing that the end is coming, but we bought matching T/shirts and we have a bucket list of things we want to do before this transfer is over.  Can you believe I am almost in my third transfer? Crazy!  And then when Sister J gets home,  I will have 12 months left!

So happy to know you are all well, healthy and safe family.  My prayers are being answered and make sure you are looking for the positives in everything. Write down two things each night that happened during that day that were evidence of God's love for you or that were answers to your prayers.  It's good to count your blessings!

I love you all and hope you are all getting excited for Christmas like I am.

Sister Chadderton xoxoxo

Thursday, November 1, 2012

2 November 2012


I just wanted to say that I didn't feel like writing emails today because I just wanted to keep looking at all the beautiful pictures of my niece and nephews!

Hina, I am so proud of you and I knew that my little Rawiri wouldn't live up to his Chadderton/Savaiinaea heritage if he didn't arrive in fashion!   I am so happy that our prayers were answered and that all is well.  I received the phone call from my Mission President's secretary Monday morning during my personal study time and I was just bouncing around on my bed after she told me the news.  Such a good day because of that news and so I just couldn't wait to see pictures and then I got a letter from Sister J Chadderton with printed pictures just before I came to email you all so I was super happy. Thanks for being awesome family! 

Dad, I received my contact lenses today so thank you very much.  Sorry for being an expensive pain but I love you! I went to the Optometrist on Tuesday and he gave me some contacts to trial but one of the contacts is too strong so I have an appointment on Tuesday where he will check them again. He is so sweet and doesn't charge the missionaries for check ups, just for ordering contacts so I'll let you know more about that next week.

So, this week has been incredible and so good.  Luckily, hurricane Sandy hasn't hit us as bad as other places.  We are safe and it was actually the snow storm that we had last Thursday that added to the storm in New York so I guess it kind of picked up in momentum as soon as it left us, but I hear it has caused a lot of damage and even the Stock Exchange has been flooded and closed for a few days so that can't be good for the economy.

On Sunday we got to go to our first baptisms!  "YAY!!!" The baptisms were for Sandra and her two children - McKensie and Steven - and it was so amazing. I  have never felt the spirit so strong at a baptism like I did at this one.  This particular family had come to Temple Square for a lesson and I am so grateful they came.  We got to meet them and it was funny because when the Elders called up to invite us to the baptism they were saying, "Sister Chadderton has a part in the program so she has to be there!"  (Just so you know, we have to get special permission from our leaders to go to a baptism just in case it's too far or outside of our boundaries).  Permission was approved and we went to the baptism and I got to speak on the Holy Ghost.  There were quite a few people in attendance and one of the Elder's came up to me and said, "There are a lot of non-members here Sister Chadderton so go hard on your talk!"  It was good to know that and as missionaries you quickly learn how to adjust your teaching or speaking styles to fit the investigators or non-members who are present.  I think sometimes as members of the church we can come across as having a really strange lingo to many people who aren't familiar with the church.  My companion and I came with two other Sister Missionaries - Sister Lee and Sister Kim - and while those who had been baptized were changing, Sister Lee, Sister Calderwood and I sang the song, "Learn of Me" while Sister Kim played the piano.  It made me reminisce back to the time when I sang this very song with the "6 chicks" in Samoa at my friend Olivia's baptism.   During this baptism we witnessed miracles because two of Sandra's non-member friends who had attended have now referred for the missionaries to teach them.  Isn't that awesome!?!?!? Blessings of obedience. Love itttttt!

You will be happy to know whanau that my companion called Uncle Dan and Uncle Errol yesterday. She hadn't called them before because she was really nervous and scared of disappointing our family if she didn't say the right things. I told her to just be herself and trust in the Lord and she did.  I love my Uncle's and am grateful for them because my companion said they were so kind to her on the phone.  She even asked Uncle Errol if she could send the missionaries to him and he said yes!  So, hopefully he will have them over. It was a really good feeling knowing that being a missionary will help my family in a more personal way then I thought. I am praying that they will be open to listening to my companion as she continues to teach them and that by so doing they will come unto Christ and have an eternal family.

So, yesterday was Halloween and being the end of the month my companion and I were scrimping for food and money so we went to City Creek Mall to get a Subway - $5.00 for a footlong - and we shared it.  The Mall was packed and I was taken a little by surprise to see how it's not just the children that dress up for Halloween but heaps of the grown ups dress up in costume too. There were, Oompa Loompa's, Ninja's, Cowboy's and Indian's and so many other cool costumes.  It reminded me a lot of the, "Modern Family" episode of Halloween!  Well, because there are those people who tend to do silly stuff on Halloween and no one comes to the Square that day anyway,  we closed the gates at 5:00 p.m. and had a, "Halloween Mission Party" .  It was soooo much fun.  We ate salads, baked potatoes and "HEAPS" of chocolates, lollies, cookies and cupcakes.   Once we were done with eating we all got ready to watch a movie (these movies have been approved by our Mission President).  Anyway, I was talking to my companion while we were waiting for the movie to start and I just happened to say to her, "Oh I wish we could watch Harry Potter, that is the best Halloween/mission appropriate movie!"…. And then the movie starts and guess what it is? "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone!"  All the Sister's, including myself started screaming and going crazy (almost 200 of us) because we were so excited and happy and couldn't believe that we are allowed to watch Harry Potter!  Honestly,  yet another reason why I was called to this mission. Heavenly Father knew I couldn't go without Harry Potter for 18 months. Thank goodness!!!!  I was grinning like a little girl through the entire movie with sheer excitement, happiness and contentment because again the spirit whispered that I had made the right decision to serve a mission.  I know that when we are obedient we are blessed.  After the movie, I think I floated the whole way home with happiness because I really couldn't get over how awesome my Mission Presidency are.

Oh!!! I forgot to tell you about our Zone activity last Thursday.  It was a pre-Halloween party.  We carved pumpkins, ate donuts dangling from string, had pizza and then watched the Disney movie, "Secretariat!".  Yeah, I know you all must be thinking that all we do is watch movies, but its not true.  These only happen on really rare and special occasions and I'm so happy that they do.  I truly love my Zone and District because they are such good examples to me. 

At our Zone meeting this week our Zone Leader's encouraged us that every night after planning meeting we say to our companion, "I love you because…" (and say the reason).  It's cool.  I know I already love my companion and we are half way through this transfer and I think she's going outbound next transfer.  But we definitely won't be together next transfer which is really sad.  When you serve together you have to rely on each other in so many ways.  I'm glad we will still be friends after the Mission because she's already told me that she's going to come to NZ to meet the Uncle's and all my family and have Aunty Dale make her some cake. So cool!

I also wanted to thank the Mia Maid's from Kellyville 1st Ward for their beautiful letter.  I can't quite remember who dropped it off but thinking it may have been Tracey Lau'ulu.  Thanks Tracey and thanks girls.  Mail is the best thing as a missionary.  Oh, I didn't tell you, but while we were watching Harry Potter, there was missionary commentary all the way through it and I don't think I'll ever be able to watch it quite the same again, but the funny part was when the owls delivered the mail because all the sister's shouted out, "MAIL TIME!" That is one of the most exciting times for any missionary - when the mail comes!  When that happen's all the sisters pounce.  Thank you family for sending me mail.

I saw one of my friends on Monday too.  She just walked in off the street and I happened to be there - Amanda Raybould.  She works down the road from us and promised to bring us Jamba Juice next week.  So sweet.  I also met a Bishop Jack MacDonald today and he said he served in NZ and knows all about our Whanau and wanted to just give me a big hug.  I wore my greenstone today and I think it is special because whenever I wear it I either meet up with or run into someone who is connected with me or NZ.  I heard there were two ladies looking for any sisters from NZ but I wasn't able to find them so that was a little sad.

I honestly love my mission family.  It's hard being away from you all and missing out on special times like when your sister has her third child but I am not ready to come home yet. I know that the Lord is preparing me for a great work and I haven't learnt everything I need to know to do this great work.  I met a guy this week who is from Wellington, NZ and he lives in Sydney and said he is less active.  But he came to General Conference and he said he has a sister that served her mission at Temple Square and it was her that encouraged him to come for a tour.  I was in the middle of lunch when they asked for available sisters to go.  I quickly said, "yes" for my companionship and we went up and took him around. Turns out he is living in Oakland Ward boundary in Sydney, Australia and I have some YSA friends in that Ward.  So, I encouraged him to go to Church when he gets home and to look out for the names of my friends and I encouraged him to also attend Institute.  He said the only reason he is less active is because he's lazy.  I'm thinking, "C'mon, it's your eternal salvation so don't procrastinate the day of your repentance."  I got his phone number and I'm going to call him and find out if he met up with my friend Alex Pinono and if he attended Institute.  I didn't know who the people were that we would be doing the tour for when we said we would take it, but I do know that coincidences are just God remaining anonymous.

I hope you are all well and staying safe.  Get your food storage and 72 hour kits in order.  The scripture says, "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear!" There is a lot of fear out there because of all these natural disasters so family, make sure you won't have to fear if ever that time comes (because it will).

I love you eternally,

Sister Chadderton II

Picture 1- Zone activity
Picture 2 - Baptism of Sandra and her children McKensie & Steven with Sister's Kim, Lee, Calderwood and Chadderton and Elder's Nonne and Lee
Picture 3 -  3 Kiwi sister missionaries!
Picture 4 -  Our Mission Halloween activity
Pictures 5&6 - Me and my crazy, but amazing companion!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

26 October 2012

Oh my giddy aunt guess what?  "It SNOWED today!" First time for the season!

Hey Fambam, how are you all?  Thanks for another week of great emails, pictures and letters.  I really do appreciate them.  But c'mon Rawiri!  I really think he wants a grand entrance and is going to be a showstopper like his big sister.  Hopefully, next week I'll hear the good news!

Firstly, I have scheduled an appointment with the Optometrist for next Tuesday, so dad, he will give me an updated American prescription for my contact lenses.  I don't know if you want to just hold off ordering me some until then because I heard its cheaper through this optometrist, so I will let you know.  My friend said she got a semesters worth of contacts for $60.00 so if it saves you money then wait.

Before I forget, Mum I met a Fleur Williams/ Munroe during Conference weekend and she knows you and just kept hugging me because she said we are rellies and she went to College with you and dad.  She said her dad is brothers with Nanny Bella Christy.  So cool!  Her son is going on a mission to Melbourne in December so I told him to look out for Elder Stebbings.

This week has been so good and the zoo was so much fun.  It was really weird in some ways, because at the zoo every person kept saying, "Hi Sisters!" or, "Is that sister Sisters?" or "It is the Sisters, what are you doing here at the zoo?" One person was like, "What are you doing here?"  "Are you assigned here to proselyte?"  We would calmly inform them that we are at the zoo because it is our P-Day!  It was almost as though we were treated like celebrities because of all the attention we were given.  Quite the contrast to when we are on the Square where people avoid eye-contact - haha - good times.   After the zoo we headed back to our friends apartment because I'd organized a little birthday party for my companion and some of our friends made a cake and soup and we played the chocolate game thanks to my twin Sister Vaivai.  The sisters went nuts over the cookies and cream chocolate and many of them had never played the game before in their life.  So fun!

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the Sacrament meeting we had a couple of Sunday's ago.  It was so good and my talk was entitled,  "When we are baptized we make a covenant to preach the gospel to all the world."  Pretty scary topic because I don't remember making that covenant when I was baptized, but nonetheless I did so it was a good missionary themed sacrament meeting and we sang, "Have I Done any Good in the World Today!".   We found a beautiful rendition of the song and sang it and we were also asked to sing it again in our own Sacrament meeting this past Sunday.  Mum, remember we don't have Wards or Stakes as part of our mission.  We are just a whole mission = one ward.  The senior couples pass the sacrament.  Quite different but fun.

This week in companionship inventory, my companion and I decided to work on the attributes, "Patience and Communication."  It has made such a huge difference to how we approach our tours and we feel they are sooooooo much better.  I love companionship inventory.

Well, this past Sunday we made changes for our announcing assignments and instead of having the Sister's on the podium we brought them down around the circle (compass) thats on the floor and had a microphone for them to use as they moved around.  We felt the need to change how we announced because people would signal to the person announcing that they wanted to talk to them in their native language but the Sister had to stay on the podium until the end of her presentation before she could come down and talk to whomever. This week we had a miracle largely because of the change.  One sister said that she had taken a French family on a tour the day before and they didn't want to be referred to the local missionaries  but the Sister said they had such an amazing tour that they should've referred the family.  The Sister missionary invited them to music and the spoken word and when she was announcing (in Italian) she saw the family and the spirit said to her, "Go and talk to them!"  She wasn't sure what to do because every other time she had been told not to leave the podium while announcing but because we had changed the rules, she remembered and she could leave, so she followed the spirit and left the podium and talked the family and then she organized for the French announcer to go and talk to them.  The family went on another tour around Temple Square and at the end of the tour the whole family referred for local missionaries.  What a miracle!  Just think what could've happened if she had been on the podium and chose not to go down.  I'm so grateful for the spirit and how it works, sometimes without us even realizing it.  We have had the most tours this week due to the change, then we have in the previous two weeks after music and the spoken word events.  So, something's working. YAY!

Speaking of my twin - Sister Vaivai - seriously everyone thinks we are twins!  I am going to have to write down every single time someone has mistaken me for her and vice versa. So, on Sunday I'm just standing around waiting while the sisters are announcing after music and the spoken word and this old man comes up to me and says, "Hello" and acts like we're best friends.  He's not shifty or anything but I'm like, "Hi, good to see you ....smile…. then this lady comes up to me and says, " Hi!" like we're best friends and said, "We're trying to find your Mongolian companion.   In my mind I'm thinking, "My mongolian companion? Do I know you?"  Then light bulb moment, she thinks I'm Sister Vaivai.  Sister Vaivai is in a trio with Sister Sukhbaatar and Sister Rakotovao from Madagascar and they think I'm her.   So, I'm like, "Ahhhh yeah, she should be around here somewhere."  Now to fill you in,  the previous night when we were about to head home we see this group with tear stained faces and they had just witnessed a miracle.  Sister Sukhbaatar felt a strong prompting to share a scripture and had singled out one of the ladies from the group of 4 people.  She said to the one lady, "I don't know about these people here, but this scripture is for you!" The lady read the scripture and the spirit was so strong she started to cry, which triggered the missionaries, the other ladies and her husband to start crying too.   Pretty much they were all crying.  It was amazing because Sister Sukhbaatar had no idea why she should share that scripture to that lady.   Fast forward again to me, the lady who was looking for my, "Mongolian companion" said she wanted to let her know that she was so inspired to share that scripture and that they wanted to thank her.  Apparently, of the four ladies in the group, this particular lady was the only non-member.  Her husband is a member but she is not.  They had just watched the movie, "Prophet Joseph Smith the Restoration" and she felt the spirit and then Sister Sukhbaatar approaches her and shares a scripture with her which was a second witness of the spirit.  I was shocked that this had happened and that neither sister Vaivai or Sister Sukhbaatar were anywhere to be found.  The group said they would wait a little longer but ended up leaving before she came.  I saw that they were about to leave so ran up to them and the non-member lady gave me the biggest hug (because I'm still playing along that I'm Sister Vaivai) and she said, "Thank you so much.  I wish I could've told your companion thank you" and then they left.  Eventually the others turned up and I told them what had happened and they couldn't believe it.  Honestly, people, if you receive a prompting follow the Spirit because you never know why or who needs you.  So incredible!  Sister Vaivai was grateful that I just played along or else they probably wouldn't have shared with me what they did.  The old man in the beginning was the husband to the non-member lady and had so much gratitude in his eyes - so grateful!!!!

We have had an incredible week, one filled with challenges, blessings and everything but I wouldn't have it any other way.  We have been invited to a baptism this Sunday for Sandra and Mackenzie - mother and daughter and they were one of the investigator lesson's that we took around Temple Square and they have asked me to speak on, "The Holy Ghost."   I can't wait and it's going to be so good.  

We got to go to the Temple this morning with most of our Zone and it was so special.   I love the Temple and I'm so grateful for the opportunity and privilege we have to be worthy to go to it.  It snowed this morning and it was so weird.  New experience for me for sure but I'm going to hide indoors because its flippin freezing but the snow is fun.  My Alaskan companion couldn't be happier and she still wears her jandals and t-shirt around outside (crazy) but I love her.

Well, family we have a zone activity that we are helping to set up for today.  It's a halloween party where we will be carving pumpkins, eating food and having fun!  Can't wait! 

Thanks for all you do, love you so much.  Sorry I don't have time to email you all but I will next week when we have more time.  Hina, good luck with the delivery and I pray for you every night and I put everyone's name on the prayer roll.  Keep the faith, study the scriptures and have joy!

Be safe.  Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  askaquestion12@mtc.byu.edu

Love Sister Chadderton the second.  

Picture 1:  Sitting on a seal at the Zoo
Picture 2:  Happy birthday companion, with my twin, Sister Vaivai
Picture 3:  On the way home in the snow
Picture 4:  My Narnia picture in the snow
Pictures 5-9:  Announcing photo's

Thursday, October 18, 2012

19 October 2012

Yay for P-Days!!!

But what is this! No baby yet??? My nerves are shot and I had a little anxiety attack before opening my emails. This little boy is taking his time alright. Wants to make a grand entrance because the other two were impatient and early. Oh well I am glad that all is well and that your midwife is back in town Hina. So happy and excited for you and your family.

I have had such a good week this past week and seen many miracles. Thank you so much to Aunty Mona and family for driving in to SLC and hunting me down to drop off my coats.  They have definitely saved my life this past week as its been really cold. Thank you, thank you!

Well, as I told you last week our companionship assignment is the announcing co-ordinators and so far its been really good. Sunday was our first time organizing everyone and really getting a feel for it and observing how we can improve on things.  So exciting!  This Sunday we are making small changes to see if it works more effectively or not. Our zone leaders also asked for our help to make a art display to help get our zone focused and excited to contact all the referrals from General Conference and to really focus on baptisms through quality contacting (via the phone).  It is a little tricky over the phone but miracles always happen and we get lots of people that call in and have great questions and want to learn more so we refer them to the local missionaries. We get to, "plant ALOT of seeds" in this mission and the other missionaries can harvest but we are all working together and its great.

We also had our first investigator lesson as a companionship (this is when I saw Aunty Mona and family.  The missionaries that serve in Salt Lake can bring their investigators to the Square for a lesson and a Temple Square missionary companionship gets to accompany them and pretty much teach them the whole lesson.  The other SLC missionaries help out too. They are seriously the best experiences ever and I love it when investigator's come to the Square. We have had 2 this past week and one was a mother with her two children and they are getting baptized on the 27th of October and the other is a man in his 50's who is also getting baptized on the same day. We are not sure what time the baptism's are so its going to be hard if they are both around the same time because then we have to choose which one to attend, but I'm just excited to be going to a real baptism after getting to know these people.  It's hard not to love them instantly. The man who is getting baptized lives in Utah  and he told us that he had this amazing experience where someone appeared to him and told him that he knows what he needs to do. He went to his neighbour who happens to be the High Priest Group Leader who then told the man what it meant and that he needed to meet with missionaries. The missionaries went over to his place and committed him to baptism and he said yes. That was about a week and a half ago and he was so golden throughout the lesson we had with him and he really recognized that he will be the pioneer of his family because the rest of his family are all non members.  I'm so happy for him.

This week we were able to help with Garden service. They asked for 13 companionships to volunteer to help with the gardening so on Saturday we gathered in front of the Church Office Building (COB) with about 1000 youth from the local Stakes and we took out all the summer plants.  It was from 8:00 a.m. -12:00 noon and it was heaps of fun to help with the gardening.  After we finished, President Seppi who is in our Mission Presidency, shouted all of us Sisters to a breakfast/lunch at, "Kneaders" where they have, "All you can eat french toast and pancakes for $6:00!"  It is a missionaries dream breakfast (if you're not gluten intolerant) so I had something else but it was so nice of President Seppi (he is the one who designed the high tech roof at the new City Creek Mall and the roof of the Tabernacle - seriously the MAN!)

Monday my companion had Temple service for 3 hours because she is in her 7th transfer so is one of the longest serving sisters.  I got to go on exchanges with Sister Vaivai and her companion Sister Rakotovao for a few hours.  They are in a trio and their other companion - Sister Suhkbataar - was helping with Temple Service too. It was so much fun because we were all in the same MTC class and now we felt like the big girls because our trainers were in theTemple - haha.  And, I got to send Sister Chadderton's package, so hopefully you get it soon sister.

Tuesday was a great day and again we were lucky enough to volunteer to help with gardening service on Temple Square, but this time we helped plant Winter/Fall flowers instead of ripping the other ones out.  It was so much fun and it started raining and it was great to get muddy in pants and not in a skirt!  One of my friends, Sister Anderson from Indiana, Indiannopolis is trying her hardest to convince me to move to Indiana to be her roommate after the mission.  We were in the same MTC district together and this transfer we are in the same district again and I love her. Not to sure about moving to Indiana yet but she still has 16 months to convince me otherwise.  But after garden service we went home, cleaned up and I made homemade meat patties and my companion made a salad and it was the bomb then we had hot milo and Tim Tams.  Perfect way to end the day.  So delicious!

Last night we took a tour with this lady from Tennessee.  She was here for a work conference and decided to come down. Her husband took her to see the Book of Mormon Play and she said it was rubbish and that the language was foul and it was really offensive. I was amazed at this lady the whole time she was here because I feel she is the epitome of a true disciple of Jesus Christ.  She is of a different faith but has really dedicated her life to following Christ.  We asked her what she thought about God calling another prophet today (after sharing Joseph Smith's First Vision) and she was like, "Yeah it would be what the world needs, another leader is something that I think many people are searching for!"  We then testified of President Monson as a living prophet today and to top it off, we have this neat little resource movie collection all about the prophet.  She chose a movie called, "Teaching with Love" and watched it and she loved it and agreed with everything he said.  We were going to take her to the Christus and as we were walking past the display, "Special Witnesses of Christ"  Elder Christofferson's video was playing and he was talking about the Sacred Grove, the Restoration, the Priesthood, the Prophets and the Book of Mormon.  She stopped and watched it and my companion and I were like, "DON"T MOVE!"  She watched the whole thing and then we went to the table with all the Books of Mormon and the globe and I invited her to have a copy of the Book of Mormon and told her that it was a lot better than the, "Play" and it has no foul language.  She said she'd love to have a copy. WOOHOO! Then we went upstairs and showed her the Christus. Honestly, so powerful she stopped in front of the Christus and the Spirit filled up the whole room.  She is incredible and really loves the Lord. We asked if she would mind if missionaries delivered the Book of Mormon to her and she said that was fine!  I am so excited to call her in a few days to find out how she's doing and if she received the Book of Mormon. Honestly, miracles never cease, especially as you pray, have faith and are obedient.

When any Sister missionary goes home or goes on their outbound assignment they have to transfer their contacts to the ones staying behind.  We were given a contact that has been taught for over a year now.  My companion emailed him last night to see how he was doing and we got a response today from him and he said, "Oh, I don't know if you know but I got baptized on Saturday." Cool huh? Our mouths dropped because it seriously is a miracle.  He lives in Nigeria and the missionaries live hours from where he is but he still kept the commitments the Sisters here set with him over the phone and through emails and because of their teachings he got baptized. So awesome!  So, technically that was OUR first baptism as a companionship because he is OUR contact now.  YAY!

Such a good week right??? Well, today is my companion's birthday and she turns 22!!!  We woke up early and went and played basketball with over 20 other sisters and it was so much fun! Then we went to this place called, "Blue Lemon" for breakfast.  Seriously mum, when we come for Conference after my mission we are definitely going to have to save up to just eat there everyday!  It was so delicious!  After we are done with emailing we are going to the zoo.  She decided that that is what she wanted to do for her birthday so we are doing that and I have organized my friends in my District to go and buy a cake and get pizza and they are going to be at our apartment with the food when we get home from zoo!  So exciting!

I love you all and hope you are all doing great missionary work. If there is someone that you know that needs the gospel, I can help you with that.  Just send me their phone numbers with a little background information and what you would like me to share with them.  I am more then willing and happy to call them.  Honestly, people's these are the last days and if you haven't realized it, then I encourage you to read the Book of Mormon, watch the news and you will see the signs, let alone listen to conference and pay attention to the reason the missionary age has been lowered. Don't freak out though its exciting. I know the Saviour lives and he will come again, sooner then we think and the earth will be cleansed and renewed.  Whose on the Lord's side, who?

Be safe, be happy, live long and be prosperous.

Love Seester Chadderton no.2

Picture 1:  Beautiful Sister missionaries announcing.  Check out the languages. YAY!
Picture 2:  Sister Calderwood and I pictured with our Zone Leaders and the art display board that we made.  Our zone leaders are Sister Ito from Japan and Sister Brickley from Indiana.  Just to explain the display board a little, you will see a man dressed in white (representing a missionary) standing in what is suppose to represent a baptismal font.  He has his hands raised like he's confused while standing in the font because the font has no water and he's saying, "Got Water?"  In order for the font to be filled with water, the sisters have to be found doing several of the items surrounding the font (shown in picture on both sides of the font) in order to earn a drop or drops of water to fill the font.  Once it's full the missionary can baptize his investigator.   We will then put a picture representing the investigator into the font for baptism when the font is full!  Some of the items that we want to encourage the sisters to do when they are talking to investigator's on the phone are:  Pray, testify, use sriptures, teach from Preach My Gospel, invite the investigator  to do something, refer the investigator to local missionaries, build a relationship of trust, plan what they are going to say but most importantly, to "Bee" themselves on the phone.   Our focus is that if they do all these things whenever they make a phone call then we will have baptisms.  Key: Quality Contacts = Baptisms.  My companion is really arty crafty and its great.  We came up with the idea with our zone leaders and then we put it all together. So cool!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

12 October 2012

Hi Family!!!

Boy where to begin.....

Thank you for all your emails and I can't believe my little nephew is still cooking in the oven.  I told his mum he wants to see, "Taken 2" as well.  Glad to hear you are all doing well and are safe.

Let me tell you about my Conference weekend!

So, Friday morning we had what is called, "A General Conference pump up meeting" and it was so good. Lots of people shared their General Conference miracles and it was very uplifting and inspiring. It made me feel a lot more comfortable about the onslaught of Conference because of all the training.  So, that night we all go home and prepare for conference.  Of course we trash our room completely, because being girls we still hadn't decided what to wear.  I wasn't bothered too much. 

Anyway, Saturday morning - 1st day of Conference - we had to be on Temple Square at 7:00 a.m. for a meeting and then we had breakfast (all our meals for Conference weekend were kindly provided by our Mission Presidency and neighboring Stakes in Salt Lake City).  After breakfast we hit the Square and there were huge lines of people at 8:00 a.m. waiting to see if they could get into the Conference Centre.  We were scheduled to contact people from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon and then have lunch.  It was so much better than I thought it would be, because we really were meeting people and getting to know them, (something I realized I enjoy doing) and then sharing a scripture and asking if they knew anyone that we could share the gospel with.  Our contacting lasted about 5-7 minutes and then we would move along to the next person that we felt inspired to talk to. There are so many people everywhere and cameras too.  But, it was a really good and positive experience and then it was lunch time.  We had a quick lunch before going to watch the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference.  We only get to watch one session, so that was the one I got to go to - pretty amazing.   Oh, during the first session when President Monson dropped the bombshell about the optional missionary ages, my companion and I were standing outside of the Tabernacle building listening to it because it is played on the loud speakers and it was so funny to see everyone's reactions after the session.   We had so many 18 and 19 year old girls coming up to us and asking us why we served a mission, what we had to give up to serve a mission etc.    We basically encouraged them to pray about what they should do and then to go on a mission.  Honestly, so many tears because many of them were trying to sort out their future so that they could serve a mission at 21 but now they can leave straight away if they want to.  It was a little scary for some of them but they all felt like this was the sign they needed. I am so excited to have more sister missionaries coming out on their missions and it is highly possible that I'm going to have the opportunity to train a young 19 year old in the not too distant future.  Weird though because when I get home everyone might be on a mission.  But thats awesome because I so want to work at the MTC when I get home if it's at all possible.  So that'll be fun, fun, fun!

Anyway, so that was pretty much Saturday.  After the conference session we had Beehive House and stayed there until we went home at 9:45 p.m.   I pretty much had to pry my boots off my legs because they had become one and then I collapsed into bed.

Sunday morning was rather the same, Square at 7:00 a.m. and contacting people at 8:00 a.m. but at 10:00 a.m. we had Beehive House until 2:00 p.m. and then we had lunch.  We were on the Square for the rest of the night until 7:00 p.m.  It was so cool seeing people I knew and it made me so happy when they helped my missionary work by referring friends.  I even saw both of my MTC teachers and my 1st Counsellor from my Relief Society Presidency at BYU Hawaii 20th Ward - HIllary!!!  So cool and Emily Cunha and the Laulu's - like everyone! So amazing - Tim AhChong, Dave Young,  the Howard's, the Linehan's and the Bovee's from Sister J's Mission in Idaho.  It was a fun day. 

At 7:00 p.m. we had a Hi-5 meeting in the Tabernacle to end our General Conference weekend because pretty much at the end of Conference everyone had gone from the Square and we now had to calculate all the referrals we received as a mission and it was almost 3000 names. Incredible!  My companion and I have about 20 members who referred friends but didn't have their phone numbers so we couldn't calculate them in this total as yet.  At the end of the calculations they had all the sisters that were leaving stand on the stage and they shared what they had learnt on their mission.  We found out who the new AP's were and Sister Syndi Mei Kealamakia is still the AP with Sister Lane and then we had transfer conference so we found out our new assignments/companions/zones etc.   Honestly, it is so nerve racking and I'm pleased to say that my companion and I are still together!!!! But, we are in a new zone so no more Beehive House.  So, yup its gonna be harder/easier to find me. But sad days for the companion's who didn't want to change but had to because there are some going outbound - exciting times.  We get to stay in the same room and Sister Vaivai is still in my zone - YAY!  And Sister Anderson who was in my MTC district is in my new district. Our District Leader is from Mongolia and her companion is Fijian so we are going to have a fun district again. Our assignment is announcing co-ordinators so we are brainstorming how to make it more effective instead of having 14 girls announce in their native languages and people just take pictures and leave. So, its going to be great!  After the meeting we had gelato and then went home. SOoooooo exhausted but happy.

Monday and Tuesday we were given permission to sleep in until 9:00 a.m. and then had Beehive House at 10:00 a.m.  But honestly, I was so out of it on Monday, but I felt sorry for my companion who was so tired too.  We were all worn out from the craze of conference weekend, but got through it somehow, and at 4:30 p.m. the Mission Presidency arranged a celebration dinner for us for our hardwork over the weekend.  In 2 days my companion and I contacted 206 members and taught them. So, we were grateful for the food. Tuesday we were allowed to sleep-in for as long as we wanted but had to be on the Square by 12:00 noon.  Our District wanted to have lunch together for the last time before it changed so they came over and we had bacon, eggs, muffins, pasta salad, bananas and caramel.  It was so good and fun to do this together before things change. 

Wednesday, a sad day with 27 amazing sisters going home, 17 going outbound but exciting with 26 new sister missionaries coming in.  My companion was asked to drive some to the airport and we dropped the 3 Australian Sisters off - Sister's Kaberry, Cool and Mata'utia - three fantastic missionaries! I'm going to miss them so much.  Sister Mata'utia was funny because she said she's going to pray that the plane she was to go home on would crash because she didn't want to go home.  I thought, "Wow only 16 more months and I might be feeling the same way."  I love you family, but I'm not ready yet, hopefully in 16 months, if not be patient with me.

Well, it has been a bag of mixed emotions seeing new companionships and new leaders around but I'll get used to it.  Glad to be with Sister Calderwood still (she might not be so happy) but I am.  Haha!  It's her birthday next Thursday so we might try and go to the Zoo.  Aunty Mona and Uncle Jason, thank you so much for the package! I got it today and you are amazing and thank you Uncle Steve & Aunty Kathy Stebbings for the card and donation!!!! Thanks Aunty Dale and Uncle Dan for the card. Talk about feeling the love.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone.  And thanks especially for the prayers on my behalf because there is no way I could've made it through this past week without them.  It's been more emotionally and mentally draining then physically.

I can't wait to hear about little baby Rawiri's arrival next week (October 18th is my guess!).  My new P-Day is Thursday so you might get this email a day late and that is why.

Love to you all,

Keep being amazing and make sure you write those questions down for Conference. Thank you for the real chocolates too mum and dad and the t/shirt is so cool.  I've been wearing it everynight.  Jenna, you might not get your chocolate - just saying...but I think that will benefit your no dairy problems aye?!?!  Pics of me and my companion and our District's last time together at the Beehive House!!!  Oh and with my new zone we have lots of Square time so we have investigator lessons this week and are going to a real Ward for Sacrament and we are speaking, the 4 of us and doing a musical item so thats exciting and fun for this week already! 

Thought I'd just put that in too. Love you.

Aloha, Sister Chadderton II