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4 October 2012


Oh how time flies when your keeping busy every single minute of every day!!!  I can't believe this is my last week before transfers next week.  My companion and I are anxious to find out what happens because there is a possibility that she could be going outbound and that means I may have a new trainer.  We will just have to wait and see.

First of all,  thank you for your emails because it is so awesome to hear that everyone is healthy and well.  Mum, honestly all the sisters here are jealous of that blog and the friends you are making.   Your friend Sister Bunting and her hubby are sweethearts and the food they brought me was heaven sent because we had two more days until P-Day and our food was running low so thank goodness for your kindness to their daughter in NZ because they have been kind to me and I'm so grateful!!!

Well, last Wednesday after emailing, I went shopping at the DI and got some awesome bargains - a pair of new boots for $6!!! And yes, in my size and they are great and I'm wearing them today (even though it's probably a little warm for them). The weather has been amazing and I am mentally stressing because I know Winter is coming argh....My friend from YSA in Auckland, Elder Joshua Cocker came to Temple Square to go through the Temple before he heads off to Tonga and I didn't get to see him but he left me a note and I know he will be a great missionary!

Saturday was the Relief Society Broadcast!!!! And yes I did get to go. We had a really busy day in the Beehive House and at 5:00 p.m. we locked up and headed to the Conference Centre. Sadly, though you see opposition in all things because on our walk to the Conference Centre we saw these pretty, middle-aged ladies standing on the Square with a basket full of tissues covered in ribbons and they were handing them out to all the thousands of Sister's who had come to attend the broadcast.  These middle-aged ladies looked like thoughtful, Relief Society sisters but we soon learnt that inside those tissue packets were bundles of anti-Mormon literature.  I could not believe it and it was upsetting me heaps but the Sister missionaries who have been here longer then me advised me to not let it get to me because it's silly if I'm letting it affect my spirit.  Great advice.  I did warn as many sisters going to the meeting about them while I went to my seat. On the other hand how amazing was that meeting?  And it was cool knowing that I had just met Sister Reeves in person and then got to see her on the stand.  It's such an amazing experience to sit in the Conference Centre with 21,000 other sisters including ladies who are not of our faith.  Oh my goodness I could go on and on about the session, because I really loved it and the spirit was so strong.  It is so touching hearing about the pioneer stories because I get to serve here in Temple Square where we are surrounded by all the history they left behind. It really does make serving here special.  Well, on Sunday we met three ladies who were all sisters and they were road tripping around the States (they are all in their late 60's) and they take turns driving while the other two crochet hats for one of their sisters Sunday School. All three of them attended the Relief Society meeting and they absolutely loved it and wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon. One of the ladies lives across the road from one of our Church buildings and sometimes attends Relief Society activities but she's not a member. Honestly, the coolest ladies ever, so Hina and Jenna you two better learn how to crochet because we three are gonna do that one day!  Love it!

I really have a testimony of being led by the spirit and being at the right place at the right time.  My companion and I had some Square time (which is rare) and we went to the Tabernacle to contact some guests. There was one girl sitting by herself and I felt like we needed to talk to her.  It turns out that she had just moved here from California to be with her boyfriend and she is a member.  I then made eye contact with some other guest who recognized my flag so I went and talked to them while my companion stayed next to me with the girl. This family was from Orewa in NZ and they used to live at 3B Lancelot Place, Glenfield. Freaky or freaky!  For all those who don't know, our house address in NZ is, "5A Lancelot Place, Glenfield!  So, we're practically neighbors!  My companion helped the girl re-think her membership and how she came to know the church is true etc.   I continued to talk to my family and then we took them to see the Temple model and then they had to leave.  We gave them a guest card and invited them to meet with missionaries back home but we'll see what happens. It was such a cool experience.

But, I really have felt the adversary working hard in making you feel inadequate and unqualified for being a Missionary, especially during Conference time.  Believe it or not, but Conference for us as missionaries is the most hectic time of the year.  We are on the Square contacting from 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. and we only get a 20 minute lunch break and 20 minute dinner break and after dinner we are working, working, working.  I was feeling a little overwhelmed, especially after the Relief Society meeting where we are to contact members and talk with them and help them with their missionary efforts but I didn't realize not everyone likes missionaries.  Some people think we only want to talk to them to get their friends phone numbers and this was really weird for me.  Members of our church ignored us and kept walking by.  I'm not sure if they felt like they didn't want to be bothered because they were already members.  It truly is sad and it rocked me a bit.  My companion said she was exactly like those members before her mission and thats why she hesitates sometimes to talk to members. We really had to talk about how we could overcome this because we won't be very good missionaries during Conference time if this is how we are feeling.  Well, we had an amazing meeting this morning with the Mission Department from the Church Office Building and they really boosted our confidence.  They told us that inviting people to receive the gospel is what our purpose is and when we don't invite we are withholding a life saving instrument.   They likened it to someone having 2 glasses of water on the table and imagining that it's a really hot day. You keep the water to yourself and you keep drinking and don't offer it to your friend because you are afraid that the friend may not like water or that she will reject your offer and say no or because shes allergic to water. Thats what happens when you don't invite people to hear the gospel after telling them about the church.  That to me was pretty powerful aye...

It was soooooooooooooooooooooo good to see the Howard family on Monday!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for spending so much time to find me and for bringing me Tim Tams!!! I loved seeing your happy, smiling, Australian faces! So special. It was a miracle too that they found me because I was on my way to the Beehive House when I usually wouldn't have been there so blessings!  Hina, your midwife has been looking for me too but I haven't found her. Honestly, everyone that is looking for me finds Sister Vaivai instead and shes crack up because she's like, "No, I am not Sister Chadderton!"   EVERYONE has found her first before me. Tatum and Shanae I think came looking for me but I didn't find them :( sometimes I have no time on the Square or in the Beehive House and we are not allowed to tell people where we are so whenever someone does succeed and finds me, it's a miracle. So, I am praying that Naomi Waka finds me or else she'll have to post the package to me because the Sister's aren't allowed to accept packages on behalf of someone else - mission rules sorry :(....

Last night I ran into Bishop Andrew Ormond and his wife Eleene from Mahia/Nuhaka.  It was so awesome to have Kiwis here and Bishop smelt like Uncle Rick (lol) (It's a good thing Uncle) but he was so sweet and wants to refer some of his friends from Nuhaka so we will call him next week to follow up on that.  But they were so lovely.  Well, they were on our tour and it took 45 minutes but it should have only been 20 minutes and my Zone leaders turned up when we got back from our tour and they were like, "Did you really just have a 45 minute tour?"  And I'm like, "YUP!"  My companion said they were her family (lol).   I was not purposely being disobedient but they don't understand how us Kiwis like to talk and whanau is whanau.  Cheehoo! (lol).

Thank you for all your prayers family and please keep praying for me and my companion so that we will survive this weekend. We have a General Conference pump up meeting and Beehive House training for General Conference tomorrow and Friday so, we are getting prepared. It'll be interesting being in the Beehive House while Conference is happening.  It's going to be awesome. 

Dad, good luck in Sydney with the training and thanks for the package mum and dad.  Happy 50th Grands - you two love birds.
Hina, I bought baby some mini crocs and they are the cutest so he will be fashionable like his siblings too!  Praying for you always.
Elder Chadz - Ang kulit mo! Nag ka malapit sa mga babe! Maliliit lang sila, pero maganda sila. Magpakabait ka, laging ASTIG! LOL
Sister J Chadz - Love you long time and far out tell those sisters to calm down aye.  But go hard and I'm so jealous, I wish I could go to the Temple more but only one per transfer :( I can't wait until you come in February!!!  I'm praying that we can do a session together before you go, so talk to President so that your lay over can be for ages (lol).
Kara K you little poo - Oi write me.  I can't wait, but thanks for the little note!!!

Love you all so much and enjoy General Conference and think of me!

P.s. Your challenge is to write down 5 questions you'd like answered by the talks given at General Conference and while you listen to the speakers, you will have those questions answered. It is amazing!!!

P.p.s  Thank you to everyone who tries to find me but may not get to see me,  I do feel loved everytime a Sister missionary tells me that someone was looking for me (lol). Love you all!!!!  Picture 1 - Sister Calderwood & I at the Conference Centre, Picture 2 - Sister Olden and I, Picture 3 - Me and my District, Picture 4 - Me and my mates, Picture 5 - Me, Picture 6 - Salt Lake City Temple.

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