Wednesday, January 9, 2013

10 January 2013

Hi Family!!!

Wow!  What a great week you've all had! Happy Birthday to you Hina - 25! - Arghhh!  Jokes, you're awesome!

Welcome home to my wonderful sister Geenaaa (Jenna)!  I can't believe how fast that 18 months has gone.  It was so cool to spend some time with her.  We were  so spoilt by the Porter family. I really felt the Lord strengthen me during Jenna's visit because I could've been really emotional but I wasn't.  I had a lot of time to mentally prepare myself and I was feeling more like, "Oh man if her mission went that fast, I only have one year left so I'll let you go home sister and I'll see you real soon!"  I'm really not ready to do any form of countdown to coming home because I know a year will just fly by.  But, it was so good to have my sister visit me and to show her a little bit of my mission.  Many of the sisters on the Square who saw Jenna were a little confused because I had given her,  her own badge and flag to wear and they were like, "Wait do we have a new sister missionary? Who is she?"  My fun-filled Fijian sister, Sister Tukuvatu jumped on her and gave her a big hug. Haha!  She's so cool!  Glad that she is home safe now and keep spoiling her because she deserves it!

But family I have seen the tender mercies of God in my life this week.  He is really blessing us this transfer with miracle after miracle.  We have a family from England who are preparing to get baptized at the end of the month and we've only had contact with them through chatting via  We call and teach them every week and it is really incredible.  It's so cool to finally have a family of progressing investigators who have really put to the test what we are teaching them and they are reaping the blessings.  I love sifting through the field of contacts and finding those who are seriously ready to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives.  It's sad talking to many who don't care to know about God or who don't want to know if he even exists.  Their hearts are not ready to hear the truth.  It makes me sad when we have people calling in who want to just be abusive or waste our time with questions that try and mess with the missionaries.  I know that it doesn't matter what anyone else says, because I know that the Church is true, Jesus Christ is my Savior and this is his message that we are called to preach to the whole world.  But, whether they are ready to accept it or not is there choice because all I know is that I am so happy to be doing the Lord's work.

Last night we helped out with a Young Women youth group who did a tour of Temple Square and their theme for the night was, "Temples Bless our Lives."  It was a great experience to testify of the importance of Temple attendance.   At the end of the tour, eight of our sister missionaries who helped with the tour, shared their testimonies of why they chose to serve a mission and how temples have helped them.  Again it's so good to hear how the temple has blessed the lives of others.  I am so grateful that when I come home we can all go to the Temple as a family together for the first time ever.  I can't wait for that day!   This morning we actually attended the temple because it is closing down soon due to some renovations.  It was so cool.  At the 7:00 a.m. session there were about 80-90 Sister Missionaries from Temple Square in attendance and about 12 men.  It was so awesome to be in the temple with over half the mission and seeing how much we love doing service in the Temple. Such a great day!

Well, it's P-Day today and my companion and I are going to Wal-mart and Rancho's - a cheap fruit and veggie place - so that will be fun.  I love my companion so much and she's exactly what I prayed for.   I have received so much peace this transfer and it's like night and day since last transfer.

My New Year's goal is to finish reading, "Jesus the Christ "by James E. Talmage.  It is a bit of a feat but I am reading it every chance I get, which is usually during lunch or dinner and before I crash for the night.  It is so amazing.  I can't wait to get more mail from you all (hint, hint).  I got dad's postcard this week and it was so cute. Thanks again Dad!  I love being a missionary and there is no greater calling.  Thanks for all your prayers. 

Love you heaps,

Sister Chadderton

P.s  Did I tell you that I'm the Ward Chorister? Lots of pressure but its fun.  Definitely do not take the Ward Chorister calling for granted because you might just get called as one in the future.
Hi to Aeroview and Kellyville 1st Ward!  I love you all and I'm very excited for the missionaries that are all arriving home.  Woot, woot!

Picture 1 - Uncle Jason Porter, family friend, Aunty Mona Porter
Picture 2 - Sister Nicola & Sister Jenna Chadderton out the front of SLC Temple!


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