Monday, May 13, 2013

14 May 2013

Hi family!!!!

"Yay for Mother's Day phone calls!"  Wasn't that the bestest?!?!  I can't believe I've already used up 2 out of the 3 phone calls I am entitled to as a missionary.  Wow! Time goes so fast.

Well, as usual a lot has happened this past week andTemple Square is becoming busier and busier.  Today Sister Pipe and I went on a Zone leader tour to "Pass Off!"  This means the Zone leaders walk around with us as we pass off tour information and then they certify us to be eligible to take tours around the Square.  It is important to be sure that we know enough history about the Square when we take people on tours and balance it out with the doctrine. From now on our schedule will become a lot busier.  One thing I am really enjoying about training is the fact that I'm learning so much too.  I've started the 12 week program again and its been a real strength to my teaching skills, for example the other day we were role playing teaching the Restoration in two  minutes - making sure we covered all the bullet points and then inviting the person (prospective investigator) to do something. We role played as a companionship a couple of times before I went out and found a sister who was in the study lounge and asked if my companion could role play with her for two minutes.  So, my companion taught the restoration lesson and then we evaluated it and then I went and found someone else.  It may seem a little rigorous having my companion practice over and over again, but it helps the both of us so much and the amazing thing happened to us the next day.  We had been memorizing Joseph Smith's  First Vision verses so we could share it with the lesson on the Restoration.  That night we met two guys in the Tabernacle and had a great conversation and one of them started to lead into a discussion about the apostasy.  He was talking about how so much had been changed in the Bible when it was translated from its original language.  At that point the Spirit said to me, "Teach the Restoration!"  Without hesitation, I did it!  I taught it in two minutes and got to the point where we were to share the First Vision scripture and I turned to my companion and asked, "Sister Pipe, can you please share the First Vision?"  The two guys were like, "Yeah, we are really interested, can you share it because we'd love to know what happened!"  So, for the first time (after just memorizing the verses) my companion shared the scripture and even though it wasn't word perfect, she did great and the Spirit was testifying and it was really strong and my testimony of following the Spirit and using the things you study increased by 100.  I love that the Lord was testing me to listen to the Spirit because I know as a trainer I could have asked my companion to do a lot of the teaching but he wanted me to teach too.  The church is true.

On Thursday we had leadership training and it was awesome.  I really enjoyed the messages from our leaders, especially becoming better leaders and examples to all the sisters in the mission field. It's always refreshing to receive council from our leaders, especially the encouragement they give us.  I loved it!

Oh, and I have to ask, "Could someone please let Chris McClain know that if he is still in town and can make it to the Flag Pole tomorrow at 12:00 noon my companion and I will be there."  If he has already left then I'm sad I missed him.  I think every other Sister Missionary has seen him and gone all gaga at him.   It's ridiculous, all of them are trying to fit in my bag home so they can find someone who looks and sounds like Chris. Too funny.  

But yesterday for Mother's Day, we had a beautiful sacrament meeting and it didn't make us too home sick.  It was also announced in sacrament that Elder M. Russell Ballard will come and speak to us this week so thats exciting and something I am looking forward to.  Today for P-day we are going to Deseret Industries to find some summer clothing because it is so hot now and I love it!  I'd much rather be sporting a tanned look than a pale faced look - no offense!   I forgot, yesterday I met a Brother McQueen from Christchurch and he knows Uncle TC!  Prior to meeting him, I had seen the list of the new sister missionaries that will be coming to the Square on the next transfer and their was a Sister McQueen's name on the list.  So, it was a little comical when I met him and then asked him if he has a daughter coming to serve on the Square.  He looked a little surprised and said, "Yes!"  (I can read minds lol just kidding!).  There is also a Sister Leki from Hamilton that is also coming to serve here, so it will be fun to have more Kiwi's.  Woohoo! 

Well, family and friends as you go about your week remember President Monson's counsel from General Conference, "Obedience Brings Blessings" so if you want to be blessed be obedient.  Be good and have fun.

Love Sister Chadderton

Photos 1: Explorer Day part 2 at the Humanitarian Center
2. Exploring the Church History Museum
3. When we were having a photo with the chicken a little boy turns up and I don't know what he's saying but I think this photo is hilarious.
4. For Mother's Day we made a card for Sister Calderwood and I wrote a poem and my child (her grandchild) drew a picture and spelt her name backwards, so loved it haha. Who wouldn't? 
5. Sister Pipe and I - we are the tallest companionship on Temple Square.  This picture was before Church on Sunday!
6. Me with my little Filipino buddies.  Elder Chadderton the little one next to me is someone you will recognize from the Philippines.

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