Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 July 2013

Hi Family,

It was a, "Red, white and blue week" and it has been a lot of fun!!!  Yay for Independence Day Celebrations!

The pictures below are from the mission party we had. If you look more closely at one of the photo's where I am standing with Sister Vaivai holding an umbrella, you can see the crazy tan line on my feet.  There is also a picture of four of us dressed in black - all Kiwi's -  that now represent New Zealand in the mission.  I'm glad that we have two more kiwi sisters because after Sister Vaivai and I leave for outbound, there will still be two Kiwi sisters on the Square -Sister McQueen and Sister Luki.  They are awesome and very hardworking missionaries. Yay for New Zealand!

Well, the activities and celebrations of Independence day was filled with so much fun and at one point we were walking down the road towards the church and a beautiful, red car drove past us beeping their horn and squirting water guns and screaming at us. Haha!  Turns out that it was one of our Senior missionaries driving with a few sister missionaries.  They were enjoying the spirit of the day and taking a ride around the block.  So, by the time we arrived at the church the sisters were getting out of the car, so we jumped in!  It was awesome and I think I know which car mum and dad should buy next!  At the church we had hotdogs, watermelon and carrots with dip for dinner.  The whole building was decorated and after dinner we had the talent show and the Polynesian sisters were first up and we had a lot of fun.  We did the stick game and you know for only two days of practicing, I think we did awesome.  I know Aunty La would be so proud of us. The talent show was so hilarious and there is so much talent amongst the sisters in this mission.  It is incredible!  One of the sisters used to be a gymnist/dancer so she had put together a medley of songs and did loads of different dances supported with flips and cartwheels!  Amazing!  There are more photos that I will send next time. 

We danced, we ate and we laughed and on our way home we saw all the fireworks display to cap off the Independence Day celebrations and it was so cool.  I felt a little sad for my companion as she is from England and throughout the day, people were like, "So, where are you from?" "England" was her reply and then the people would say, "Oh, we are celebrating becoming independent from your country!"   She is such a nice person and just laughed off the comments, but sometimes people can be so insensitive.  We had a great day!

Our zone is going great and we have our fun trampolining activity today with the sisters in our zone.  Sister Bowden had to stay home as one of our sisters is sick and she is making cookies for the sisters in our zone who have been successful in taking, "20 minute" tours in the Beehive House (something that is really hard to do).  I also made a cake last night because we have two sisters who have birthdays this week so we are going to celebrate together as a zone. Yay for birthdays!

Well family, I've started packing my things and going through my stuff in preparation for outbound in a few weeks because I have accumulated a lot of STUFF that has got to go. We can only take one bag outbound and a carry on so that doesn't give me a lot of stuff to take so I've put all my winter stuff in the bag I get to leave behind. Okay, outbound aside, the Square is still heating up and miracles continue to occur. I called a member referral the other day to follow up and see if he had gone to church and he said he would go next week so I called him yesterday to follow up and he'd been to church!  He said it was a little different but he's going to go again next week. We taught him the first lesson and invited him to be baptized and he said, "Well, I'm gonna go to church and tell the people that I want to get baptized." Miracle! Love it.

The work is great and I am definitely feeling tired, but that is exactly what is meant to happen. Make every moment count in your lives because you never know how quickly the time passes and when you look back (like I have) and realize that it has been almost six years since you finished High School it can be quite scary!   Wait and see me train a nineteen year old once I go outbound!  Not long out of High School too!  Haha!

Have a great week! Tell all the important people I say hi!

Love you lots,

Sister Chadderton

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