Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6 September 2012


K, so I ran out of time to email so I'm quickly typing away. I promise that I will make up for it next week.  We have lots to do on our P-Day which starts at 1:00 p.m. and finishes at 9:00 p.m. and yet it still doesn't seem like it's enough time.

So, last week on Explorer Day my companion and I had fun going to the Conference Centre and meeting different people.

Sunday was crazy busy as our Sacrament meeting went a little over time because the leaving District of missionaries all shared there testimonies which was beautiful and then we had Beehive House! Yay!   This is where we contacted over 80 people during the day and 32 of them were non members.  We also do 20 minute tours and have to teach the groups about the history of the Beehive House while incorporating the doctrine into our tour and I love it.  It's challenging in the sense of trying to make each tour unique but when you use the pioneer stories the spirit is so strong and it all works out really good!

Oh my goodness, I've lost count of how many weddings I've seen because there is always someone getting married.   It's fun.  Another fun thing is the new sister missionaries get to go to the Music and Spoken Word live session on Sunday mornings and I got to go and it was AMAZING!  I heard it use to be in the Conference Centre but moved to the Tabernacle and the acoustics are  fabulous.

I have met some really, awesome people from all over the world and I love it.  They certainly are awesome especially when they learn where I come from.  I love them all.  I had a lady come up and talk to me today in Walmart because she saw my flag on my badge and she's a kiwi too and works at the Family History lab and I learnt that she knows the grandparents.  So, dad I gave her your email address because she wants to get in touch with the grands but I didn't have there address with me. She's coming home to New Zealand next week.

My trainer is awesome and we have a lot of fun and she trusts me a lot and I get to do pretty much everything she does which is nice.  I have pretty much memorized the Beehive script that we need to know and I'm currently working on memorizing the history of all the buildings on the Square and then I can pass it off and then take English tours. YAY! I have set myself a goal to learn everything in a week so I'll see how it goes.

The teaching centre is really cool and its so nerve racking calling people up for the first time but really rewarding.  When they are open to listening it's great and we had a lady referral who wants to have the missionaries come and teach her which is awesome and we have about 17 people we are helping to progress. We have to contact all our referrals by the 5th of October in preparation for General Conference.

We had this cool activity with all the new sisters called, "The Living Christ"  where we had to read the article and then write our testimonies on the back of the card.  I encourage you all to try it because it really is powerful. Then we shared one thing that stood out for us and I pretty much bawled the whole time I shared my experience.  How can you not get emotional when you talk about the Saviour and his Atonement?  I love it!

Oh, please tell Natalie Carter aka Martin thanks for coming to see me. I had a few sisters tell me she had come to see me and I'm so sad I missed her.  Tell her thanks for making the effort. I can't tell her where on the Square I will be but if she visits any time soon, I hope she finds me - maybe try the Beehive House first or look for me during General Conference.

I really love the work even though it can be tiring.  We prepare our food at night around 9:30 p.m. for the following day and then we're in bed by 10:30 p.m.   It's challenging but we make it work.  We are unable to eat at members homes so our meals are pretty basic but I'm doing great and eating well. It was Sister Welhelm's birthday today and that's why I'm short on emailing time because we all went out for lunch to celebrate, so I ate well today.

I can't wait to write a longer email next week and I am praying for you all! Pray for me too please!  I love you all so much and thanks for your support.  Continue writing me letters because they make the days brighter :)

Love Sister Cola Chadderton xoxox

Pic 1 - Explorer day at Conference Centre - Sister Calderwood and I

Pic 2 - Sister Octavia Olden, me & Sister Kulani Elliot
Pic 3&4- Me and my companion having too much fun

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