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30 August 2012

Family!!! Hope you loved the pictures :) 

YAY! I reached Temple Square this morning and for some of the time I met with President Gillette with four other sisters and our 3 AP's - one of whom is Sister Syndi-mei Kealamakia!!! So happy that she is still here and doing great.  Well, the last few days have been full-on but its been really great. I'm seriously sick of saying, "Goodbyes" especially to our adopted elders who took care of us for the past week. We got to meet our trainers after a fun, guessing game and my new trainer/ mum is Sister Calderwood from Alaska and shes been out about 9 months. She is amazing and I love her already. I'm so excited to do great things as a companionship. After having pizza for lunch I found out that it is our P-Day today and our Zone is the Beehive House. I am so excited to learn more about that place because it's the only place I haven't been to yet, so I'm stoked to learn more about it. The sisters are all so friendly and I met Sister Mitchell who is best friends with Lyle Wert.  She came up and introduced herself and was a possible trainer even. So fun. 

Well, President and Sister Gillette are lovely and we had pictures with them so I'm positive they will get emailed to you soon enough. I love my new missionary badge with the Salt Lake Temple and the NZ flag on it. It's really special and people keep getting it confused with the Aussie flag but there are heaps of Australian's here too which is cool. I ran into Sister Olden again this morning and she is so fun.  She was just chilling on the floor with her companion because her back is sore and she doesn't want to sit on a chair (that'll be me in a week).  I'm trying to think of things to tell you that I haven't already told you. Oh, yes, we get to go to the temple once a transfer and usually on P-Day so we will go sometime in the next 6 weeks.  Our monthly stipend comes in on Friday so we can go shopping to get food so living on a budget will be interesting.   I am definitely going to be eating rice and spam (lol jks) but really!

Thank you for all your letters and emails and I think you can still send letters through but they will cost money this time instead of being free but will probably get to me alot quicker then if you send them from New Zealand and probably cost the same (fyi). They still get sent to me like a letter too.

You should all go visit the Visitor's Centre next time you are in Hamilton and watch the media video, "God's Plan for Families! It's amazing and I cry every time I watch it (no joke, it is beautiful and makes our missions all worth it).

I loved devotional on Sunday and last night's devotional was with Brother Perkins of the Seventy and it was so good. I got to sing in the choir for the last time with my companion and we sang, "Jesus Once of Humble Birth" so beautiful. I will truly miss the MTC but am glad to be out in the "field."

Hope you are all well and I promise I will have so much more to tell you next week. Oh my MTC experience at Temple Square on Saturday was great.  My companion was Sister Hinton from Arizona and she just recently left on her outbound yesterday. It was alot of fun and we passed out referral cards to everyone and met some great people. I have a less active friend that I made from chat and I'm excited to help him come unto Christ.

I love you all, so happy that everyone is feeling better. Mum, I'm not fussed for my birthday and I don't want you to spend money sending a package. Maybe just some pictures of the family. 

Hina, so happy for Joe's papers finally getting processed but bummer about the carpet and your belly looks so, so,  cute!  Thanks for sending the pictures.
Kisses for the babies!!! 

Be safe, read your scriptures and pray always.

Arohanui Sister Chadderton xoxoxox

Pic 1: Sister McIver and I
Pic 2: Sister McIver and I and company
Pic 3: Sister Magaoay and I
Pic 4: Zone leaders - Elder Jeppesen, Elder Hansen and I
Pic 5:  Receiving the folder from the previous coordinating sister
Pic 6: Elder Lolofie and I (Irene’s brother)
Pic 7: My District 31-D
Pic 8: Last day of class with my district and teachers - Sister Lim and Brother Grunniger - best teachers and District ever!
Pic 9: Last photo as a District before our Elders left for Baltimore Marylands
Pic 10: Visitor’s Centre sisters - all 28 of us with 22 of us assigned to Temple Square 
Pic 11: On our first excursion to Temple Square
Pic12: Our adopted District Elders district 31-B - 12 Elders who took us in after our Elders left - 9 of them went to Florida and 3 of them to Salt Lake City Central Mission (our neighbors)
Pic 13: My sisters (room mates and fellow Temple Square sisters) and Elder Howard who is going to Salt Lake City Central Mission too.
Pic 14: Sister McIver, Elder Cocker and I - the last photo before Sister McIver left, now me leaving.
Pic 15: Elder Behymer and I – he is an amazing Elder.  They all are spiritual giants and he even made all of the Sisters a bracelet using the caps of soft drink cans and string – all in 3 days while studying and being a missionary!
Pic 16: Luggage all packed and ready to go.
Pic 17: Boarding the lift to get on the bus to go to Temple Square. Woohoo!
Pic 18: My new companion/trainer Sister Calderwood from Alaska and I. Woot! Woot!
Pic 19: I'm a missionary at Temple Square! Woohoo!

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