Thursday, November 15, 2012

16 November 2012

Hey family!!!!

How are you all doing? Thanks for another week of emails. I really do love hearing how you all are and the things you get up to.

Before I forget, this is the last week before transfers on Monday so I may not have a P-day next week.  Just incase you don't hear from me until the week after, know that I love you.

Well, last P-day was fun.  We went with a couple of other companionships from our Zone who we are really good friends with.  Sisters Kim and Lee went to the baptism with us the other time and Sisters Hee and Silverio are our roommates.  We first went to D.I at Welfare Square and I got a new shirt for $3.00 and a beautiful green jumper for $3.00 and a photo album for $2.00 for all the photos my loved ones send me, so I am getting organized. Then we went to Walmart to pick up a few things and print some photos off to send home to you all and then we went to Taco Bell for dinner. I was so excited and happy when we got to have Taco Bell's and reminisced good ole' BYU-Hawaii days or more like nights when you'd be bored and want to find something to do. Good times. Then my companion and Sister Kim wanted to get their nails done so we found a Nail Salon for them and the rest of us wrote letters while they did that. Then we got home, did some cooking & laundry and then went to bed. Next week we do P-days differently because of the Christmas season and Temple Square being so busy at night.  We go back to having P-days from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. as opposed to 1:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Something I really enjoyed this week was basketball in the mornings. The sisters incharge of the exercise facilities asked our Mission President if we were allowed to play full court basketball because its winter and the sisters are getting fat and need to run.  Hahaha!  They are their words not mine and President said yes!  So, we go down at 6:05 a.m. (sleep walk pretty much) and run, run, run, while playing basketball and its so fun. Because of the early morning wake-ups I wasn't feeling too good on Tuesday night so I took some nurofen and felt a lot better.  The weather has been cold but it's not snowing anymore.   W e had desk assignment for a few hours and 2 people referred to have a Book of Mormon, so even though I was sick I was blessed. 
Its so crazy to think that my training is almost over and I will indeed be getting a new companion.  Twelve weeks is a long time to be with someone but its been a lot of fun.  Our nickname that the sisters call us is Chadderwood or Calderton because our names are so similar and we both react to it haha. Its going to be interesting to see if I have someone from America or from a different continent in the world.  So far I've had a Hawaiian and an Alaskan companion so I'm guessing probably someone from Asia next time. 

On Monday we had a Mission Meeting (we have them often) and we had no idea what it was going to be about. Well, they had the Director for the Musical Production, "Savior of the World" attend.  Just so you know, the musical production is performed every year at the Conference Centre. We were told that this year it was going to be a little different.  The leaders felt like the production wouldn't be complete without the missionaries being involved. So, this year they are giving us tickets to the play to give out to investigators that will benefit from watching it and would like to learn more about our beliefs. They are having the missionaries give the opening & closing prayers at each performance and there will be three companionships available for people to ask for referrals after they watch the play.  The actors and actresses in the play are now called missionaries because each of them have prepared to testify throughout the production of the Savior Jesus Christ and his life. To top all of this excitement off they allowed each of us missionaries to attend the play so that we can know what it's all about and then we can share this knowledge with the guests who come to Temple Square and give them tickets and invite them to go and watch it.   The cast had dress rehearsals this week so the Zones were split up to go on different days to watch the performances.  My zone went last night and it was so amazing! It is based on the life of the Savior but this production has apostles that were assigned to oversee it. They helped to write the script and tweak things so it is exactly what the Lord would want to have portrayed.  On the opening night the curtains came up and seated were 14 men in the audience (the First Presidency and the apostles, excluding one who was sick).  They watched the performance and then the next day they all met in the Temple and revised the script and the performance and gave instructions on which parts of the play to change and whether to include more people in a certain scene etc.  These little changes made a huge difference.  Watching it last night with that in mind I was like, "Wow, that is interesting!  I wonder if it was the Apostle that added that?" or, "Hmm, I wonder if the Apostles added that line to the script?"  It was fabulous and I hope to be apart of that play one day.

This week just flew by and I am looking forward to next week because Thursday is Thanksgiving (free food, yay!) and on Friday the Christmas lights on Temple Square will be turned on and they will definitely light up the place!  They usually expect between 15-20,000 people on the first day of the lights being turned on. This next month will be extremely busy but it'll be heaps of fun at the same time.  I mean, when have I ever said that we're not busy? Thanks for all you do family and for your prayers they keep me going! 

The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the reason why I'm here and the reason I get up everyday.  I love him so much and I owe him my life.  Congratulations to Brookey and Lehi and wishing them all the happiness that married life brings.  I met two people the other day who served in Fiji that knew them so that was pretty cool. I'm going to see if I can help take the International missionaries around Temple Square next transfer so I can see Sister Fuimaono, Elder Leota and Elder Tong. That will be pretty awesome. I'm also going to be in my third transfer.  Woohoo!  

Love you all, be safe,

Things I am thankful for:

1.   Loving family
2.   Healthy body
3.   Wonderful mission
4.   Atonement of Jesus Christ
5.   Home made NZ food
6.   Whittaker's & Cadbury chocolates
7.   Beaches
8.   The sun
9.   The Book of Mormon
10. Beautiful niece and nephews

What are you all thankful for?

Love Sister Chadderton

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