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2 November 2012


I just wanted to say that I didn't feel like writing emails today because I just wanted to keep looking at all the beautiful pictures of my niece and nephews!

Hina, I am so proud of you and I knew that my little Rawiri wouldn't live up to his Chadderton/Savaiinaea heritage if he didn't arrive in fashion!   I am so happy that our prayers were answered and that all is well.  I received the phone call from my Mission President's secretary Monday morning during my personal study time and I was just bouncing around on my bed after she told me the news.  Such a good day because of that news and so I just couldn't wait to see pictures and then I got a letter from Sister J Chadderton with printed pictures just before I came to email you all so I was super happy. Thanks for being awesome family! 

Dad, I received my contact lenses today so thank you very much.  Sorry for being an expensive pain but I love you! I went to the Optometrist on Tuesday and he gave me some contacts to trial but one of the contacts is too strong so I have an appointment on Tuesday where he will check them again. He is so sweet and doesn't charge the missionaries for check ups, just for ordering contacts so I'll let you know more about that next week.

So, this week has been incredible and so good.  Luckily, hurricane Sandy hasn't hit us as bad as other places.  We are safe and it was actually the snow storm that we had last Thursday that added to the storm in New York so I guess it kind of picked up in momentum as soon as it left us, but I hear it has caused a lot of damage and even the Stock Exchange has been flooded and closed for a few days so that can't be good for the economy.

On Sunday we got to go to our first baptisms!  "YAY!!!" The baptisms were for Sandra and her two children - McKensie and Steven - and it was so amazing. I  have never felt the spirit so strong at a baptism like I did at this one.  This particular family had come to Temple Square for a lesson and I am so grateful they came.  We got to meet them and it was funny because when the Elders called up to invite us to the baptism they were saying, "Sister Chadderton has a part in the program so she has to be there!"  (Just so you know, we have to get special permission from our leaders to go to a baptism just in case it's too far or outside of our boundaries).  Permission was approved and we went to the baptism and I got to speak on the Holy Ghost.  There were quite a few people in attendance and one of the Elder's came up to me and said, "There are a lot of non-members here Sister Chadderton so go hard on your talk!"  It was good to know that and as missionaries you quickly learn how to adjust your teaching or speaking styles to fit the investigators or non-members who are present.  I think sometimes as members of the church we can come across as having a really strange lingo to many people who aren't familiar with the church.  My companion and I came with two other Sister Missionaries - Sister Lee and Sister Kim - and while those who had been baptized were changing, Sister Lee, Sister Calderwood and I sang the song, "Learn of Me" while Sister Kim played the piano.  It made me reminisce back to the time when I sang this very song with the "6 chicks" in Samoa at my friend Olivia's baptism.   During this baptism we witnessed miracles because two of Sandra's non-member friends who had attended have now referred for the missionaries to teach them.  Isn't that awesome!?!?!? Blessings of obedience. Love itttttt!

You will be happy to know whanau that my companion called Uncle Dan and Uncle Errol yesterday. She hadn't called them before because she was really nervous and scared of disappointing our family if she didn't say the right things. I told her to just be herself and trust in the Lord and she did.  I love my Uncle's and am grateful for them because my companion said they were so kind to her on the phone.  She even asked Uncle Errol if she could send the missionaries to him and he said yes!  So, hopefully he will have them over. It was a really good feeling knowing that being a missionary will help my family in a more personal way then I thought. I am praying that they will be open to listening to my companion as she continues to teach them and that by so doing they will come unto Christ and have an eternal family.

So, yesterday was Halloween and being the end of the month my companion and I were scrimping for food and money so we went to City Creek Mall to get a Subway - $5.00 for a footlong - and we shared it.  The Mall was packed and I was taken a little by surprise to see how it's not just the children that dress up for Halloween but heaps of the grown ups dress up in costume too. There were, Oompa Loompa's, Ninja's, Cowboy's and Indian's and so many other cool costumes.  It reminded me a lot of the, "Modern Family" episode of Halloween!  Well, because there are those people who tend to do silly stuff on Halloween and no one comes to the Square that day anyway,  we closed the gates at 5:00 p.m. and had a, "Halloween Mission Party" .  It was soooo much fun.  We ate salads, baked potatoes and "HEAPS" of chocolates, lollies, cookies and cupcakes.   Once we were done with eating we all got ready to watch a movie (these movies have been approved by our Mission President).  Anyway, I was talking to my companion while we were waiting for the movie to start and I just happened to say to her, "Oh I wish we could watch Harry Potter, that is the best Halloween/mission appropriate movie!"…. And then the movie starts and guess what it is? "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone!"  All the Sister's, including myself started screaming and going crazy (almost 200 of us) because we were so excited and happy and couldn't believe that we are allowed to watch Harry Potter!  Honestly,  yet another reason why I was called to this mission. Heavenly Father knew I couldn't go without Harry Potter for 18 months. Thank goodness!!!!  I was grinning like a little girl through the entire movie with sheer excitement, happiness and contentment because again the spirit whispered that I had made the right decision to serve a mission.  I know that when we are obedient we are blessed.  After the movie, I think I floated the whole way home with happiness because I really couldn't get over how awesome my Mission Presidency are.

Oh!!! I forgot to tell you about our Zone activity last Thursday.  It was a pre-Halloween party.  We carved pumpkins, ate donuts dangling from string, had pizza and then watched the Disney movie, "Secretariat!".  Yeah, I know you all must be thinking that all we do is watch movies, but its not true.  These only happen on really rare and special occasions and I'm so happy that they do.  I truly love my Zone and District because they are such good examples to me. 

At our Zone meeting this week our Zone Leader's encouraged us that every night after planning meeting we say to our companion, "I love you because…" (and say the reason).  It's cool.  I know I already love my companion and we are half way through this transfer and I think she's going outbound next transfer.  But we definitely won't be together next transfer which is really sad.  When you serve together you have to rely on each other in so many ways.  I'm glad we will still be friends after the Mission because she's already told me that she's going to come to NZ to meet the Uncle's and all my family and have Aunty Dale make her some cake. So cool!

I also wanted to thank the Mia Maid's from Kellyville 1st Ward for their beautiful letter.  I can't quite remember who dropped it off but thinking it may have been Tracey Lau'ulu.  Thanks Tracey and thanks girls.  Mail is the best thing as a missionary.  Oh, I didn't tell you, but while we were watching Harry Potter, there was missionary commentary all the way through it and I don't think I'll ever be able to watch it quite the same again, but the funny part was when the owls delivered the mail because all the sister's shouted out, "MAIL TIME!" That is one of the most exciting times for any missionary - when the mail comes!  When that happen's all the sisters pounce.  Thank you family for sending me mail.

I saw one of my friends on Monday too.  She just walked in off the street and I happened to be there - Amanda Raybould.  She works down the road from us and promised to bring us Jamba Juice next week.  So sweet.  I also met a Bishop Jack MacDonald today and he said he served in NZ and knows all about our Whanau and wanted to just give me a big hug.  I wore my greenstone today and I think it is special because whenever I wear it I either meet up with or run into someone who is connected with me or NZ.  I heard there were two ladies looking for any sisters from NZ but I wasn't able to find them so that was a little sad.

I honestly love my mission family.  It's hard being away from you all and missing out on special times like when your sister has her third child but I am not ready to come home yet. I know that the Lord is preparing me for a great work and I haven't learnt everything I need to know to do this great work.  I met a guy this week who is from Wellington, NZ and he lives in Sydney and said he is less active.  But he came to General Conference and he said he has a sister that served her mission at Temple Square and it was her that encouraged him to come for a tour.  I was in the middle of lunch when they asked for available sisters to go.  I quickly said, "yes" for my companionship and we went up and took him around. Turns out he is living in Oakland Ward boundary in Sydney, Australia and I have some YSA friends in that Ward.  So, I encouraged him to go to Church when he gets home and to look out for the names of my friends and I encouraged him to also attend Institute.  He said the only reason he is less active is because he's lazy.  I'm thinking, "C'mon, it's your eternal salvation so don't procrastinate the day of your repentance."  I got his phone number and I'm going to call him and find out if he met up with my friend Alex Pinono and if he attended Institute.  I didn't know who the people were that we would be doing the tour for when we said we would take it, but I do know that coincidences are just God remaining anonymous.

I hope you are all well and staying safe.  Get your food storage and 72 hour kits in order.  The scripture says, "If ye are prepared ye shall not fear!" There is a lot of fear out there because of all these natural disasters so family, make sure you won't have to fear if ever that time comes (because it will).

I love you eternally,

Sister Chadderton II

Picture 1- Zone activity
Picture 2 - Baptism of Sandra and her children McKensie & Steven with Sister's Kim, Lee, Calderwood and Chadderton and Elder's Nonne and Lee
Picture 3 -  3 Kiwi sister missionaries!
Picture 4 -  Our Mission Halloween activity
Pictures 5&6 - Me and my crazy, but amazing companion!

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