Saturday, March 16, 2013

14 March 2013

Hey everyone!!!! 

Wow what a week and it sounds like you are all having too much fun in the sun! We actually are experiencing 16 degree Celsius weather outside and its so nice and warm and later on we are going to the beach - no just kidding- there are no beaches here at Temple Square. But I'm glad it’s a lot warmer today then it has been!!!

Last Wednesday we went to Red Robin and Burger restaurant for our zone activity and it was great fun.  Our Zone leaders Sister Armstrong and Steenblik are the best and it was Sister Armstrong’s birthday celebration.  It was really good food and just fun spending time with everyone.  I can't believe we are at the end of another transfer okay maybe this one was only 5 weeks but still if you don't hear from me next week its because my P-day would've changed and I may or may not have one. It's scary not knowing what is going to happen because companions rarely stay together for 3 transfers in our mission but all goods the Lord knows best.

The square has been humming with so many people here to ski or to sight see.  Every Tuesday we meet lots of pre-MTC missionaries who go in on Wednesday so it’s really cool to see the huge influx of missionaries.  My companion and I did MTC contacting and then took 6 Elders around on a tour.  One was Elder Gemmell from Hastings and his brother went to BYU-H and worked in the MTC so that was pretty cool and if I remember from our genealogy chart we are distantly related to that family so small world.  The rest of the Elders were 4 from England and 1 from Finland and they were great Elders.  A few of them were the first 18yr olds going to the Alpine Germany mission. We took them to the conference centre and then on our way out one of the sisters called out to me and pointed to someone who was half way down the conference centre and who was waving at me.  It was my mate Tim Mahoney who I always forget works there and it caught me off guard so the Elders were asking me questions like “who is that?” and more probing questions. Nosey Elders aye? No they’re okay. 

We have been busy practicing our for our performance on Friday and its going to be so great the whole thing is I mean. We start at 7:30pm and the opening number is “Called to Serve” where we all march in with the flags of our country. We practiced the whole thing this morning and I am excited for Friday night. We have had a lot of early morning meetings and what not so it'll be nice to start the next transfer without a huge performance in the middle of it. Then after that it will be CROM. This is a nickname that some of the sisters refer to Conference as being the sister missionary’s form of Prom. Kind of ridiculous but they are starting to look for their 'CROM' outfits.  Oh the unique things our mission of all sisters brings!

Also this morning when we were practicing our island’s performance President & Sister Gillette were there watching us in the audience. I didn't know but President served his mission in Hawaii when he was 19 and the last number we close with is “Aloha Oe” and he had tears streaming down his face (both of them did) so it was special and I'm glad we end with that number for our performance.

Today is “East High School day” or so we are calling it. We are going to visit my beloved Zac Efron’s old filming ground – and in his honour we all wore red, white and black.  I'm sure we are going to get a lot of special looks today. It's great having friends on the mission that you can do fun things with.

Well the year is moving faster then I think it should, ridiculously fast oh and by the way we talked to Abigail today and she and her 18 year old daughter are getting their Patriarchal blessings woo hoo! Great family! Definitely going to visit them after the mission.

Hey Mum – so Sister Matautia (who is Jordy's mission preparation teacher) is a legend here on Temple Square! Seriously if only every missionary had the conversion story like she does and the power in her testimony. She trained Sister Vaivai and I love her so much. Jordy has no need to fear with her for a teacher I think she’s the next MTC President.  She was such a powerful missionary but can you believe that she was a devout Jehovah's Witness when she was 16 and her dad was a Bishop for our church and she would try and tell him why our church was wrong.

In the end he said to her "Why do you think you're special? 14.5 million people have read the Book of Mormon and have prayed and know that is true. Why do you think you are so special that you won't even read the Book of Mormon to know for yourself." So after reading and praying she knew it was true. Moral of the story - Read the Book of Mormon and Pray and you'll know its true.

Mum Sis Jardine says hello and is really excited to meet you next month and Jenna she said you need to email her!

Hope you have a great week, be happy and remember - God loves you! 

And I do too Sister Chadderton xoxo

P.S.  Summer is just around the river bend!!!!

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