Monday, August 12, 2013

13 August 2013

Hi everyone,

Just so you know, I have really appreciated the prayers offered this week for and in behalf of me and all other missionaries.  Thank you all so much.

Our district is focusing on one Christlike attribute each week and this week is, "Diligence!"  I have come to learn that each time you try and become more Christlike, trials come to help you to learn that very lesson.  I definitely know that I have had to exercise diligence this week.

Well, we went on exchanges with the Sisters from Orange-burg District and I was with a Sister Landon.  We went and gave service to some of the pregnant Mums in the Ward and it was really awesome because not only did we help them in the house but we even got to feed some of their horses - something I know you would've loved mum.  My goal is to come back here after my mission and ride some of these beasts because these horses are huge and so beautiful.  The sister who owns the horses is so nice and her husband is our new Ward Mission Leader.  They had bought us lots of food, a lunchbox and a drink bottle.  It was so sweet!  I love the generosity of the members!!!   After giving service we went searching for some less active members in our area and bumped into a few of them, had a brief visit and set up a time to return.   We also ran into a really scary looking dog who was looking at us as if we were his next meal but we managed to get away from it.  I really, really, dislike big dogs with a passion.  If ever I own a dog I don't want one that is aggressive, I want a quiet natured, little one.  That would be my type of dog.  Anyway, later that evening we went to the Buntings house for dinner and as usual it was a delicious meal.  Sister Bunting made beef stroganoff - one of my favourites! Yum!  We then went searching for more of our less active members and upon finding them we were surprised by some of their response as one of the less actives homes that we visited asked for their names to be taken off the records of the Church.  Clearly, that visit didn't go so well.  Anyway, as we were walking back to the car we saw a lady (lets call her Janine) and said hi to her as we walked up to her house.  She invited us into her home where we sat down and visited.   Before we knew it, we were teaching her the first lesson and it was so powerful.  Sadly,  this lady has had a tragic pass.  She shared with us how she became pregnant at the tender age of fourteen by her priest.  What?  Needless to say going to church is not something she ever wants to do again.  She has a lot of healing to do and we know that through the atonement she can be healed.  I am amazed at how we continue to meet these incredibly God-fearing woman irregardless of their trials.

Later that evening exchanges were over and Sister Hopper and I went home.   The next day - to save on miles - we walked to the library which is about a 30-45 minute walk from our house.  It was about 2:00 p.m. when we left, which is also around the hottest part of the day and we about died from the heat.  The nats (bugs) are the worst things ever but we finally arrived at the library where we planned to put a workshop together to present in Relief Society to increase the missionary efforts amongst the members.  But, when we got to the library, I realised that I had left the website information and our cell phone at home!  Aargh!   It was so not funny and very frustrating!  I felt so dumb and I knew we had already wasted so much time so, we turned around and walked home. If anything good came out of this whole walk, on the way to the library we did meet one man who said we could come and visit him so that was really what made it all worth it!  We arrived home and pretty much collapsed over the air-conditioning vents which are in the floor of our trailer home and tried to recover in time for our Ward activity.  We were having a, "Cook-out" aka Ward BBQ.   The activity was awesome and some of our less actives picked us up and everyone was really excited to see them.

The day after the Ward activity I woke up with a bad case of food poisoning or something and I just felt gross.  I tried studying but fell asleep on the floor and my companion told me to go to bed.  I woke up at 12:00 noon freezing because I hadn't eaten anything.   I made me some toast and managed to keep it down then slept for another two hours. When I woke up I told my companion that we needed to get out of the house so we got ready and left.  I'm still not sure what the bug was because it hasn't completely gone yet but I feel alot better.  Maybe I was dehydrated from the day before coupled with food poisoning.

We are trying to work our hardest and our investigator Kaitlyn and her fiancee were married on the weekend!!!  We were planning on attending the wedding but our ride fell through at the last minute.  We are visiting them tonight so that will be something to look forward to.

This week we are having our "Big Lift" and my companion and I will be separated again while we go to uplift the sisters.  We are striving to encourage everyone we meet to come follow the Savior and to leave everything on the field and demonstrate a perfect day with perfect intent.  I fasted yesterday so we could see miracles and I'm nervous but excited to do the lift.

Well, family I'm grateful for the emails and your love and I was so happy to learn that two of my friends have put their mission papers in.  I know that the Mission goes by so quickly so I am making the most of my time!

Love you all heaps,

Sister Chadderton

P.s.  You can write me at:
110 Oak Park Dr. Ste B,
Irmo, South Carolina 29063

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