Monday, August 26, 2013

27 August 2013

Hi family and friends,

What a week it has been!  Guess what? "I GOT MY PACKAGE!" " THANK YOU SO MUCH!"  Y'all are amazing and seriously, I loved it and have celebrated my birthday early.  Haha!

This week we had our Fireside followed by interviews with our Mission President.  The Fireside was neat despite not having any of our investigators attend - they were on their honeymoon so yup, they weren't coming.  My interview was great and I really love President and Sister Holm. 

Just a little update on my stomach issues, things are improving.  I did get to a point where it was so bad that my companion convinced me to call the mission nurse who advised me to stay away from any harsh foods for a week or two.  She suggested I eat jello, puddings, soup, soft boiled eggs and apple sauce every 2-3 hours.  By doing this the acid in my stomach will diminish as she thinks that the acid may be what's causing the pain.   So, on Friday we went out and bought the aforementioned foods but I also bought some broccoli and carrots and boiled them, then blended them into a paste and ate it.  Different!  Well the next day my companion was having a few health problems to so we made an executive decision to just rest and get ourselves better.  I know that stomach upsets can be caused through stress and I would exercise all the time on the Square to reduce my stress levels.  It's not so easy for me to do that here but I am feeling a lot better.

It is our last week together as a companionship because during my interview with President Holm he basically asked me to trust him with the decision he has made regarding transfers. I think that means I'm staying here in Pelion and my companion will be leaving but we will find out everything on Saturday.  I can't believe we are almost at the end of another transfer.   We have a lot of fun things happening on Temple Square but I'm grateful for this time in the field to grow.

We have dinner at our Bishop's home tonight.  I'm grateful for my outbound experience and so much happens out here that I never get enough time to write about it.  If you don't remember anything from my emails, please know of the great love that I have for my Saviour and how much He has helped me through my whole mission experience.  Yesterday, we taught Sunday School and the lesson was about Service and it really helped me to appreciate everyone that is serving and supporting me as a missionary.

I love you all and God be with you 'til we meet again.

Sister Chadderton xoxo
Picture of my District.

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