Thursday, August 16, 2012

17 August 2012


Yay for P-Days and wow, how time is just flying past.

Mum, thanks for ringing Stanhope, if you can send me some contact lenses that would be great but they will probably take two weeks to get here so its up to you.  Otherwise, I can just wait until I'm in the field, but I still think it will be quicker to send them then me trying to schedule an appointment.

Thank you for all your emails and dearelders they seriously are the best thing for me to get.

Oh, on Sunday I got called as the co-ordinating sister for my District and I was very humbled to receive this calling. It means I meet with the new district and help welcome them and be friendly and show them around and stuff and go to meetings so its fun. I sung in the choir again on Sunday "Redeemer of Israel" powerful lyrics and a powerful song.

I hope you are all feeling better because it sounds like your still pulling through so I'm praying for you :)

The weather yes, is very hot so I'm grateful for air conditioned rooms. I had my 12th blood nose yesterday and borrowed a humidifier because my nose apparently doesn't like the dryness of Utah and I'm sick of losing blood but I'm fine.

Oh, funny story from yesterday, so my favourite time is gym time and I usually play volleyball. So one of my team members goes to return the ball and smacks me in the face instead. I fall to the ground, glasses went flying (cause I have no contacts) and I'm trying to blink and regain my bearings and I open my eyes and there is a ring of people around me, a bit freaky...but I got an ice-pak for my swollen face, it was a miracle that that was all that happened - my glasses were fine and I have all my teeth so I'm very happy about that. And besides it's nothing that a little make-up can't hide but it was definitely of those moments, "I was playing volleyball!"...nek  minute....stories you know.

Oh talking about, "Nek minute" I have met heaps of kiwis this week a Sister Evans who went to college with buddy and she's going to Baguio Mission and an Elder Evans from Hamz. Elder Cocker got here the other day and he looks pretty happy.  It's cool seeing him and me and Son (Sister McIver) will have to have a photo with him. I love having the kiwis here but seriously everyone is like Sister Chadderton do you know everyone??? But that's the blessings of BYU Hawaii and of being a kiwi I guess.

Our district is leaving on Tuesday - the elders that is - and they are stoked to leave but we don't want them to go. We begin Visitor Centre training on Wednesday and that will begin with a trip to Temple Square. YAY!!! So excited :)

It's crazy to think I'm already in my 3rd week of being here so that makes us some of the oldest ones at the MTC as people are constantly coming and going. It amazes me the amount of learning we do here. My testimony of the gospel has been strengthened so much. You think you know the gospel until you go on a mission and try and tell someone why they should read the Book of Mormon and follow Christ. I think everyone who has the opportunity to serve a mission should because I don't think I'd survive the future if I'm not learning to strengthen my foundation of the gospel now. It's an exciting time to be a missionary and I'm so glad I made the decision to come. I know that I will continue to be blessed and will witness even more miracles throughout my 18months.

I have been to the Provo Temple twice and its massive. I thought NZ was massive, but I hear that Salt Lake is even bigger so I'm glad I have a companion or else I'll probably get lost. I'm glad you got my letter parentals, expect another one in 2 weeks because thats how long it takes to send things apparently.

HINA!!! you are amazing and thanks for your emails. I think you need to go to a resort or something because you are just a little energizer bunny. Make sure you get enough rest k! Love you tons and miss the babes so much.

I love seeing the kiwis around here and especially son, Sister Vaivai and Sister Arthur, we congregate in the residence halls and chill for as long as we can and just laugh. Life is seriously great!

Oh next week my P-Day is on Friday but send your emails on Thursday because I can print them off the day before and then I'll have the 30minutes to email you back.

I apologize for my jumping around with my thoughts, there is no order at the moment but I'm just trying to make sure I'm telling you everything.

On Sunday Sister Wixom the General Primary President spoke to us at Relief Society and it was amazing. It was really about Christ's love and his atonement and how real it is. I would have never had such a close relationship with God before my mission and I'm so, so, so, glad I'm here. It's exactly where I need to be and with the companion that was meant to be with me at this time. She is great. She celebrated her 4th year of being a member on Sunday and spoke abour her conversion from being a Catholic to a Latter-Day Saint. I wrote a letter to her family and we are hopeful that through her sacrifice and example they will come to know the truthfulness of the gospel and follow Christ's example.

I love, love, love, teaching the Restoration because the power of the spirit is SO strong whenever you recount the First Vision and it's a feeling I love having.

I am sick of the food though, I don't know how these American's stay so skinny because they have sugar in everything. I miss good food from home and I especially miss Julia's Poppyseed salad with salmon from Sydney. Can't wait to cook my own food.

I love you lots family and hope you are well. I appreciate your letters and prayers.

One more week here and then I'm off to the real world.

Have a fantastic week,

Love Sister N Chadderton xoxo

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