Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2 August 2012

Hey mum and dad!!!

We have about 5 mins to email and let you know that we are doing ok. I got to the mtc yesterday with about 6 other girls who are also going to the Temple Square mission. The sisters are from all over the world. Switzerland, Honduras, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Phillipines. It was such a good day yesterday getting our badges and eating at the caf and then we had a class and then we had dinner at 4:30 which was about afternoon tea time back home so the adjusting to the time zone is still really weird. We had an awesome devotional with Elder Pinegar who spoke last night and then we were put in a district just for that night and the district I went to the MTC President Gamette and his wife were there. Today we find out who our companions are too so I'm excited. Not sure when we get to email next but thank you for writing to me. I will get my mail later on today I hope because there are 400 new missionaries that are joinging us.

Love you heaps,

Write again soon,

Sister N. Chadderton

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