Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas world!

Oh my goodness, what a week filled with many different experiences. I will try and focus on the positive this week because it's Christmas and we are meant to be happy!

Well, I have been really grateful for my leaders and fellow sisters in my mission. I have really felt the love of the Lord and his strengthening arm holding me up when I've felt a little down.

On Friday my companion had to go to physio so I went on exchange with another sister who is from the Dominican Republic and we had to take a group of Spanish people on a tour of Welfare Square.  When we arrived at Welfare Square the sisters that were already there said that they had just received a phone call to say the tour was cancelled.   That was sad.  Anyway, there were soooooo many people in the Bishop's Storehouse waiting to get food and as missionaries that is something we get to help them with.  The lady who was in charge was feeling a little stressed because there were so many people to attend to so Sister Silverio and I jumped in and helped out.  It was such a humbling experience for me.  What we would be doing is called, "Hosting" and it is where you have a clip board with a list of items people can choose from to take home and its all for free.  We take a person with us and we walk down each aisle with them and tell them how many cans of stew etc. they can put in their cart/trolley.  It was incredible to see how many people receive help and how it's for free.  I helped this one person and the second time I helped two boys - the older boy was probably about 14 and the younger one was probably 5.  I was so humbled by these two boys and wanted to start crying because the oldest boy looked like Buddy and they had come without their parents to get food to take home. They got soooooooooo much food and I was just wondering if they were going to be okay. They were really humble boys and I just wanted to hug them as they left but honestly it was the best service I could have done as a build up to Christmas.  I needed to have that experience to remind me of my purpose as a missionary and to be grateful for everything the Lord has blessed me with throughout my life.

Sure, I have had a few trials, but I am learning some new skills or what I like to call them, "Christlike attributes" that are helping me to become a better person. This season has been really crazy and physically demanding as we are required to be on the Square until 10:00 p.m. each night this week and some mornings we wake at 5:50 a.m. for basketball/volleyball but its great!

On Friday night we had our dinner appointment at the Glade Family's home and it was so good!  They are the sweetest couple and Sister Glade is a vocal teacher and she had invited one of her students to come and perform for us and it was so nice. It was the best, first experience I've had of having dinner at a members home as a missionary.

Tonight we have a mission Christmas party at 4:00 p.m. and we don't know what we are going to do and tomorrow night we will attend another party.  It will be a week from today for transfers and more changes as a result of that. The time on a mission is so short and I know I have to make the most of every minute.

I love you family and I'm very excited to talk to you soon.  I know some people have been trying to find me this week and for those who didn't find me, I appreciate your efforts and determination.  Thank you!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!  Be grateful for what you have been blessed with.

Sister Chadderton

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