Monday, September 2, 2013

3 September 2013

Hey everyone,

What a great week this has been! To start off with, let me just say my health is almost back to normal and I am no longer in pain.  I bought some acid-reflux pills which have helped with my digestion and I've been eating normal again.  YAY!

Okay, so before I tell you about my awesome week I wanted to let you know that we had transfers on Saturday and President Holm  has asked me to open a new area and to still be a Sister Training Leader.  I was shocked!  I thought for sure I would be staying in Pelion because my companion has been in this area for three transfers.  However, President said that he has fasted and prayed about my transfer, so I will be leaving Pelion on Wednesday.  A few days before transfers are announced, the office holds on to the mail so I haven't received any mail for a week so I'll be excited on Wednesday to retrieve all my mission mail!

I was saddened to learn of Brother Dennis McCann's passing.  My condolences go out to the lovely McCann family.  I love you all so much and it was really sad to hear about Dennis but I know he will be saving so many souls beyond the veil.  He has so much knowledge about the gospel and I know he will be having fun catching up with all his loved ones.  I'm so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and the peace it brings.  I love you McCann family!!!

This week we had President and Sister Holm visit us at our trailer home and they blessed and dedicated our home.  President gave my companion and I a blessing and in my blessing he blessed me with the spirit of peace and I have really felt of that peace.  He also said he felt impressed to tell us that there are people waiting for us that live in unobvious places.  That has been my theme now, especially when I am on exchanges with other sisters.  Sister Van Ry from Nevada - who is actually best friends with my old companion Sister Whaley - came to Pelion with me and we went out tracting for a few hours and our goal was to find people in unobvious places.  Well, we found four new investigators and their is this one family that I really want to tell you about.  I believe it was a miracle.  We had ten minutes before going to our dinner appointment and I saw a long driveway and thought, "We should go follow that drive way and see where it ends!"   So we did!  When we reached the end of the drive way it forked into four different drive ways so I told my companion that we should always choose the right.  As we walked up to the house their was a little Chihuahua  barking like crazy and a lady comes out and screams because she was surprised to see me standing there!  She then laughs and then says, "Hey y'all, do you wanna come in and get away from these gnats?" I was like, "YES!"  This is the first time this has happened to me in Pelion. So, we go inside and we visit with there family which consists of two children and the husband.   We learn that they are new to the area and don't know anyone and they used to have Jehovah Witness missionaries visit every week in their old area.  We teach them a brief lesson, and leave them a Book of Mormon and before saying a prayer we ask if we can come back and visit with them.  It was amazing and the Spirit was so strong.  A few days later we visited them again and taught the whole of Lesson 1 which is about The Restoration.  It was great. The wife has attended different churches and has been searching for one which is not Sunday worship only. We invited them to attend church and will hopefully attend with Sister Hopper next Sunday.  We have scheduled another lesson with them for this week. I was so happy we found a family to teach and I know that that is what missionary work is all about!

A few weeks ago we tracted into a home where the family asked us to come back and visit.  My companion visited them while I was on exchange and she taught the wife as the husband wasn't home.  We went and saw them on Saturday and they were both home and they had a lot of questions.  My companion felt like we should show them the Restoration DVD so we did and the husband said all his questions were answered by watching the DVD.  We invited them both to be baptized and they accepted and are preparing for September 28th!  Miracle moments!!!  So happy! They weren't able to attend church yesterday but are coming next week for sure.

Yesterday was Church and we had Caitlin our amazing investigator attend.  She is getting baptized in two weeks and came to church with her husband and father in-law who are both less active.  We were so happy.  We also had another investigator who is 9 years of age attend church with his less active family. Tender mercies this week!  Our companionship goal for the week was to expect miracles and find the elect.  We were being obedient and the Lord blessed us so much.  But, just when the work picks up I get transferred!  I'm grateful for these experiences that have helped strengthen my testimony of such a loving Heavenly Father.

I love you all!  Keep the faith as I don't want to see any empty chairs in Heaven!

Be safe,

Sister Chadderton xoxoxo

P.s HAPPY BELATED FATHERS DAY DAD!  I LOVE YOU!!!!  We helped give service this week by picking corn for a few hours.  It was great fun and you can see from the picture that I'm sitting in the empty trailer and then we filled it with corn.  I loved the little puppy dog.

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