Monday, September 9, 2013

10 September 2013

Kia ora te whanau!!!

What a week!  I only have an hour to email so sorry if this is short.  I know when I get back to the Square I will have more emailing time.

Anywho, to update you on transfers, I have been transferred to the Charleston South Zone and my area is in the boundary of Summerville 2nd Ward.  My companion is Sister Walker from Utah and at our last transfer I was her Sister Training Leader and we went on exchanges together and had a blast.  I was really excited for her to be my companion.  She is such a powerful missionary and is only 19-years of age and has been on her mission for about 5-6 months.  It's always a little rough at first opening a new area because there is no one to bring you up to speed about the area and we had to navigate our new area with a map which is time consuming.  Things are getting better and being organized really helps!  We haven't moved into our new apartment as yet because it isn't quite ready so it looks like we could be moving in by Wednesday.  So, we are living with two other companionships and they are all awesome sisters and each day is a fun day.  It's almost like living back on the Square. Today one of the Relief Society sisters is picking us all up for P-Day and we are driving down to Charleston - which is about an hour away - to explore some of the sights.  I can't wait to see more of the Charleston area.

We've had some great training this week.  We had Mission Leadership Conference on Friday and we (the six sisters) were asked the day before the conference to sing a musical item.  We pretty much practiced singing our song in the car the next day during our two hour drive to Irmo.  At the commencement of the conference President Holm announced that Elder Giddon of the Seventy will be presenting the second half of the training and then he said, "To begin our meeting we will start with a musical number."  No pressure!  It was fine as long as no one  finds out that we did all our practicing in the car that morning.  Elder Giddon's  is a great speaker and this past weekend at Stake Conference we learnt more great things from him.

The members in our Ward are awesome and they, "Love" feeding the missionaries.  You know all that weight I lost, yeah not good because I feel like I've put it all back on.  We are going out to buy groceries later to make fruit smoothies.  Oh mum, you have to tell Sister Bunting that I have moved into the area where you relatives attend.  I looked at the Ward roster and it said, "Zach and Jenny Bunting!"  They live in our area!  What are the odds?  So, I'm having a lot of fun finding the whole Bunting family. I can't wait to meet them soon.

It was so good to get out and work yesterday. The area is not like Pelion because the streets are very busy and most of our members live around the golf course. We live close to the air force and navy base and their are a lot of members in the air force.  It's pretty cool and our Ward is quite a transient Ward in that we have a lot of families that move in and out regularly.

Well,  family I'm trying to keep this short.  I am doing great, perserving and looking for miracles each and every day.   My outbound mission experience is awesome, and I motivate myself each day to get out and do this great work.  I am so grateful for the blessings I receive daily that help me to press forward. This life is really short and yet it determines eternity so we need to make the most of it!

I love you all, and I'll leave you with this quote:  "When it feels like you are drowning, remember your life saver walked on water!"

Sister Chadderton

P.s. Two weeks to my 23rd birthday! 

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