Monday, September 16, 2013

17 September 2013

Hey family,

What a great week I have had!  Sure we've had a few trials and challenges but in the grand scheme of things they are pretty insignificant.  Thank you for your emails because I love hearing from everyone even if I don't always get a chance to reply. Well, today it's a month until I go back to Temple Square and I can't believe how quickly the time is passing.

Last Monday for P-Day we went to Charleston and it was incredible!  Charleston is such a beautiful place and it was so nice to be in the city.  One of our members - who deserves a gold medal - picked all six of us missionary sisters up and drove us to the city.  Another awesome experience is that we moved into our new apartment last Wednesday which was so cool because we don't have a line up for the toilet in the morning anymore!  Haha.

On Thursday we had exchanges with the Sisters in the West Ashley area and we were uncertain as to how to get there because our map didn't have their area on it.  We don't have a GPS but the lady that works at the complex where we live gave us some general directions.  Her directions coupled with the spirit pretty much led us to the area.  It is way cool when we follow the spirit because we are so blessed and it happens a lot to Sister Walker and I.  Well,  I left my companion Sister Walker in West Ashley and returned to Summerville with Sister Howton and we went to work looking for less actives.  We found this one family and set up a time to return to visit them and then decided to knock on a few more doors around the area.  The next door we knocked on we met this tiny Filipino lady who invited us into her home.  She was ready to go somewhere but allowed us to share a message with her.  I wanted to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon and asked her if she had ever heard of, "The Book of Mormon"  before and she said, "Yes, I think I was baptized in your church!"  This was a huge surprise to us so I asked her again and she said, "Yes, my ex-husband was a Mormon and his brother baptized me about eight years ago."   What a blessing to meet this sister!  We have set up a time to return and teach her and strengthen her family.  She is engaged and has a 10 year old son.  It was such a cool experience to find her and we were grateful that we were in the right place at the right time. The Lord knows his sheep!  Great exchange.  Another story, "I had set a goal that while on exchanges we would teach the First Vision and invite someone to be baptized.  Well, the night before, I felt strongly that we should tract on this one particular street and we were running out of time when a guy opens his door and we start talking to him.  He's in his 20's and knows nothing about the church and we end up sharing the First Vision with him and after our message he asked, "Where can I get one of those books from?"  It was so cool that he asked about the Book of Mormon and we had one to give to him as well as inviting him to be baptized.  We are going back this Friday to teach another message as it is his only day off work."  Again, the Lord led us to that area and it just so happened that we were standing in front of his house and he came out and introduced himself.  Blessings!!!!  Well, this area definitely has been prepared for us and we have had plenty of challenges and awkward moments but the work is here for us to do.  The other night a guy came out from his house with something tucked away in his jacket because we were tracting until 9:00 p.m. and he was worried that we might be dangerous and we could see he was hiding something and my companion said, "What are you hiding in your jacket?"  He said, "You just never know who you will meet" and she said, "I hope we don't look dangerous!" It was super awkward.  I'll have to write you more about that story later.  But we are safe and loving the work and just trying to work super hard!

This week we have Zone Conference and have been asked to do some training based on 2 Nephi 31:20.  Maybe you can all study that scripture this week and let me know what you think.  We pulled it apart and dissected every word and it was way cool.  I'm excited for Zone Conference and we are doing another musical item too.  

The members in our Ward are awesome and we always receive a warm welcome from them. The people are so down to earth and they remind me so much of home.  I met the Buntings yesterday so please let Elizabeth know that it was such a cool experience for me.  We actually solicited some help from them to pick up our investigators for the Book of Mormon class on Wednesday night.   Another awesome experience to share, "Last night, we met a less active family that had moved here from Hawaii about six months ago. They were having a BBQ  when we arrived and were really excited to see another polynesian face.  Anyway, we met the daughter's husband who is not a member of the church and his brother was their too and he isn't a member either.  After visiting for a while we set up an appointment to return (which was last night).  We had an awesome lesson and the brothers are aged around the 40's and  we taught them the first lesson and then had them kneel with us and we prayed.  They have both committed to be baptized on October 12th.  The one brother - J - whose wife is a member said it was time for him to be baptized.   We learnt that he's had the discussions several times and now feels it's the right time to be baptized."  

I love this gospel and have seen the Lord's hand in the work this past week.  While I don't see myself as a perfect missionary  I am striving to do my best and I know that the Lord is helping me to be a better person and that this is His plan for each of us.  I love you all and thanks for your prayers!  I am so excited for General Conference and its a little surreal that it's my birthday on Sunday and I will turn 23!  I have to chuckle because my companion isn't even 20 yet! 

Be safe, reach out to those around you, go find His lost sheep and I promise you that your life will improve and you will see God's hand in your lives. 

Love Sister Chadderton xoxo 

Pics - Six missionary sisters in our apartment.  Fish and chips yum!  My companion Sister Walker and I next to the pineapple waterfall.  Me with the awesome member and her daughter Molly who is awaiting her mission call.   

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