Monday, September 23, 2013

24 September 2013

Hey Family!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I have had a great week in the life of a missionary -  busy but really great!

So, as you know, yesterday was my birthday and it was also our Primary Sacrament Presentation at church which is probably my most favourite Sunday of the year.  The children were so cute and there were so many people in attendance.  It was awesome!  The Relief Society President knew it was my birthday and she did something really sweet in that she had her children write little, "Happy Birthday notes" and gave me a big packet of Starbursts - so cute!  We were invited to the Young Women's President's home for dinner and she had cooked a massive turkey!  This thing was huge and very delicious.  That same day we tracted a few less active people that we found on our Ward directory and that was awesome too.  

A few weeks back when I was on exchanges with Sister Howton we had helped a family move boxes from the house into the removal truck.  It was a random act of service  because we just happened to see a removal truck outside this home and asked if they needed help.   The mother wasn't moving but her son was and it was his stuff going into the truck.  I felt inspired to go back and visit the mother because she was so lovely.  So, last night we went and visited her and she had her neighbor visiting too and we had a great conversation with both ladies.  They have such a strong testimony of our Saviour Jesus Christ - remember, this is the South and most people do.  However, I felt inspired to share one of my favorite Mormon Messages entitled, "Mountains to Climb!"  We played it for them and afterwards the mother was quite blown away and said, "I didn't know you believed all of that!"  All she knew about our faith was that somehow there was an affliation with polygamy.  It was good to clear up her understanding and she and her neighbor accepted  a copy of the Book of Mormon.  That was such an awesome experience and we will go back again soon.   Anyway, before we left we had a piece of toast with a glass of water.  So kind!

We had another  great lesson with a couple of our investigators who are preparing to be baptized and it was really cool to go back and see a change in their countenance.  One of the two brothers is progressing rapidly due to his decision to decrease his alcohol consumption.  Miracle!  Hopefully, they will continue to stay committed so that they can be baptized.

I really love how the Spirit works and it's something I think I'm going to miss the most as a missionary.  I love how the spirit has the ability to guide us and lead us to those people who are prepared to hear the gospel.  I have felt those huge impressions to turn towards a specific street or to contact a specific persons name etc.  Missionary work is hard work but there's a quote I like that goes,  "There is no growth in comfort, and no comfort in growth!"  This is so true!   This morning I studied the topic of, "Trials" and I learnt something so cool.  Did you know that if you are experiencing a trial that it's a good thing?  The scriptures teach us that, "Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth!"  So, if any of you are experiencing trials or feeling chastened, that means you are really loved by God and he wants bigger and better things for you.  Cool aye!

I love you all and I am so grateful for the many times I get to reflect on my trials and weaknesses because I know I can take them to the Lord and He will help me.  I feel it everyday!  He doesn't take them away but he makes them easier just like the people of Alma.

Zone Conference was amazing and uplifting.  The church has produced a new booklet about adjusting to mission life and its filled with good information that I have enjoyed reading. It doesn't matter if you are a new missionary to the field or a seasoned missionary, this booklet helps us to recognize that  we still have room for improvement.

Well, family, I hope you enjoy going to, "Wicked!"  You will love it like I did when I saw it in Melbourne a few years back.  To anyone planning to serve a mission, just know that missions aren't meant to be easy, but you will be so grateful to the Lord for helping you to get out there.  I know I am grateful for the decision to serve now and not wait until later.  I have really come to know who my Saviour is and I know that He knows me better than I know myself.  I know that with God all things are possible even though in my minds eye so much seems impossible.  This is the greatest work that anyone can be doing, and all the glory is to our Heavenly Father and we should try every day to help our brothers and sisters come to know of the blessings of eternal life.

Have a great week family and thank you for all your prayers and support.

Have a blessed day - Sister Chadderton xoxo 

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