Friday, November 1, 2013

29 October 2013

Hey Y'all! 

Hope you're having a fantastic week!  Fall on Temple Square is probably one of my favourite times of the year.  The colours are soooooo beautiful and its the perfect temperature too!

So, my week has been busy, but great as usual.  We had to give three trainings this week to help the Sisters with their assignments and they all turned out really well.  President Gillette told us that our responsibility is equal to the role of a Zone Leader but we don't have a zone beneath us, instead we have the whole mission.  It's good fun!  We are doing a Desk Etiquette and Dress and Grooming training tomorrow morning but we've assigned the Zone Leaders specific topics to present.

Mum, you wrote that Elder Oaks visited the South Carolina Mission but guess who was our surprise speaker at 7:30 a.m. this morning?  Yep, Elder & Sister Oaks!  It was a great experience and he and his wife are the funniest and sweetest people you will ever meet.  Did you know Elder Oaks is now 81years old? I had no idea!  Well, his talk was very inspiring and I received more guidance on how to continue to remain strong after my mission - which is something I have been a little worried about.  I've heard the transition of going home can be a little rough but if we continue to do our spiritual preparations each day we will be fine. They talked about how blessed we are to be sent to this mission and I kept nodding and saying to myself, "I know it!  I am so blessed!"

We have another concert/musical fireside that we are preparing for.  Very different from the last one. The Polynesian sisters are doing a special number so hopefully it will sound okay - no poi balls involved this time because its meant to be a more spiritual meeting.  It's in two weeks (Tuesday 12 November) at 7:30 p.m. so if you live in Utah and want to be spiritually uplifted bring a friend who needs to be uplifted too! It will be held In the Assembly Hall again.  My companion is awesome on the piano so I'm excited for everyone to hear her!

This week is fun because its Halloween!  Temple Square closes early that day and then we will have a mission activity.  If you remember last year's party we had a special guest - Harry Potter - so hopefully this year he will come back...fingers crossed.

I just wanted to give a shout out to my awesome zone leaders, Sister Olden from Australia and Sister Anderson from Indianna. We had a zone meeting this week and our standard of excellence is focused on Christlike attributes. They challenged us to pick one to work on for the transfer so I chose patience and my companion chose patience and charity.  Needless to say whenever you want to achieve a Christlike attribute you are given trials to help you accomplish that so we are trying to be more patient and show forth more charity by the end of this transfer.  I'm grateful we have a loving Heavenly Father who wants to help us reach our potential and gives us opportunities to grow.

Hope you all are able to think of something you can work on for the rest of the year and pray for that attribute to help you become the person Heavenly Father wants you to be.

I love you all!

Happy Halloween!!!

Sister Chadderton

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