Monday, November 11, 2013

12 November 2013

Hey family!

Awesome week this week! 

Guess who I got to meet this week? Brother Richard Lewis who was the missionary responsible for baptizing Nanny and Grandad Chadderton 50 years ago last month.  It was so neat to meet him and some of his family members.  I met his son almost a year ago during the crazy Christmas season and it was cool to meet his dad and other family members this time round. It was seriously a tender mercy. Dad, I didn't realize that you were named after him and when I told him Ricky was also named Richard he almost cried.  He said he knows he was called to serve his mission in NZ to baptize Nanny and Grandad and he loved hearing all about our family.  They are such a sweet family.

So many tender mercies this week.  Another tender mercy was learning that my ex-companion Sister Walker - from South Carolina Columbia Mission - her mum was on the Square looking for me.  When I learnt this I was on an  assignment but I soon found Sister Olden and she and I went to see if we could find the mum.  Well, I don't know if I'd mentioned that Sister Walker's younger daughter is a famous 11year old popstar and she was rehearsing at the Conference Center to sing at a huge up and coming concert.  We got word that she was at the Conference Centre but we also knew that only the performers were allowed access due to rehearsal time.  I talked to the events people at the door and the lady asked her husband to take us to find the mum.  He took us backstage which then lead us to the stage and there are all the performers on stage and I'm freaking out a little wondering if this is okay to be here.  Then the husband said, pointing to people sitting down, "Go and see if you can find her!"  I can't remember what she looked like but Sister Olden had met her so when we finally saw her she gave me this massive hug.  It was soooooo cool!  We had a picture with Lexi the daughter so we could send it to Sister Walker and it was so neat to talk to her mum. She just emanates love.  When we had to leave I gave her another hug and turned to leave and she yelled out my name and said, "Sister Chadderton, I love you!" It was the sweetest thing ever. I love her daughter and I can see why shes such an awesome person. Most surreal experience but so awesome.

I also heard that Sister Bunting Jnr. had come to, "Music and the Spoken Word" and was searching for me after it.  Sadly, I was in a staff meeting.  Hopefully, she will come to the fireside tomorrow night.  That'll be awesome!

Oh and I called Brian this week as it is something I have been wanting to do.  While he hasn't been baptized as yet, he is still progressing and the sweetest thing happened to him this week.  So the members that emailed you this week mum, they are one of the best missionary families ever!  They had Brian over for a lesson at their home and they bought him a suit and Brian said to me, "Now I look like a million dollars!" It was so cute.  I think he will wear it every day if he could.  He's still working towards baptism so keep praying for him. 

My companion and I are doing great and the stress levels are going down even though we still have stress. We have been balancing our assignments, study, and early morning meetings better and we eat healthy meals which helps.  We have our fireside tomorrow night and we have been practicing hard out for it. I have invited alot of people and hope they come! It'll be awesome. Last one ever!

Anyway family and friends, I love you all and I am trying my best not to think about January 8th!  Keep encouraging me in your emails and prayers and pray for the people in the Phillipines, so tragic!

Thanks for all your love and sacrifices.

Sister Chadderton xoxo 

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