Tuesday, November 19, 2013

19 November 2013

Hi Family,

Thank you for all of your emails as I love hearing from everyone and learning how you are doing.  I've had a very busy week and I'm so glad that the Fireside is over and done with because we now have more time to do our missionary work rather then attend music practices.  Last Monday for P-Day we went to a hairdressing school and were given a free scalp massage and it was amazing.  On Tuesday we performed our concert and it was great.   A couple of highlights for me after the performance was seeing Norelle Parker and the Bunting family.  I met Sister Bunting's two returned missionary daughters and they are as awesome as their mum.  Norelle said the concert was, "mint az."  I took that as a pretty good compliment.  Wednesday we were a bit exhausted from the night before but we made it through the day.  Then on Thursday I went in for minor surgery on my toe and it was a lot less dramatic then my last surgery.  It was the actual doctor who numbed my toe this time and it was done in less than 5 minutes.  Such a relief!  I couldn't wear my tights the next day and that turned out to be a big mistake because it was FREEZING!  We attended the, "Savior of the World" performance on Friday night and then headed home for dinner.  I was so cold that I quickly bandaged up my toe, put on my tights and wore them with a shoe on one foot and a jandal on the other just so that my legs were warm. 

I loved the production as it was about the birth and resurrection of the Savior and it was so beautiful.  If you ever get the chance to watch it I highly recommend it.  It's a tear jerker for sure!  The next day my companion and I woke up early to go to the Bountiful Temple.  President gave me permission to go to the temple so Sister Vach and I went.  It started snowing on our way which was a little scary but we made it there in time.  It was so beautiful and I was so happy to go back to the temple after not going for over four months.  I think that's the longest time I haven't attended since I was endowed.  I love the peace that I feel whenever I'm in the Temple.   The session was awesome and I loved the new endowment session.  Afterwards, we took some snow pictures then headed back to Temple Square, stopping in at Cafe Rio for brunch on our way.  The rest of our Saturday was awesome and I believe it was because we started our day by going to the Temple.

Well,  I gave my departing talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday because it is customary to assign Sisters who will soon be leaving to speak every week and since my class is so large they've already started assigning us.  My topic was, "How fasting, combined with sincere prayer, brings greater spiritual strength."  I think my talk went well and I had the opportunity to share some of my own personal experiences.  I always feel spiritually strengthened after I've fasted.  I also shared the testimony I have gained on my mission about paying an honest fast offering.  I had never paid a fast offering before my mission but I knew it was something that was required of me to be fully obedient in keeping the law of the fast so as a missionary I decided to exercise my faith and do it.  I have a testimony that each time I have paid my fast offering - even though I was worried I wouldn't have enough money for food - but when I've paid it, if I was out shopping or buying my lunch either at City Creek or Costco or Nauvoo Cafe, some kind person would step in and pay for my items or give me a $10 or $15 gift voucher. This has happened so many times to me as a missionary and I know the Lord has blessed me because I had the faith to pay my fast offerings.  Miracles!

Well, after Sacrament we went out onto the Square and I had the opportunity to announce in English after Music and the Spoken word was over.  I remember doing this two  General Conferences ago when I first arrived.  It was super cool and Sister Vaivai was able to announce in Samoan.  Haha!  Like twins, we've done so many things together since the beginning of our missions.  Both of our companions are going home next week and they have a lot of departing missionary dinners and meetings scheduled between now and their departure day so Sister Vaivai and I have planned to go on exchanges so that we can continue on doing the work.  I'm really going to miss my companion Sister Vach.  In our staff meeting yesterday the AP's gave us an assignment for next transfer and I was like, "Yes we can do that" then I looked at my companion and she said, "Yes you can do that!"  Then it dawned on me that she won't be here!   I'm going to have to step up and take over the reigns again real soon.  I am praying for a companion that can help me to finish strong.  I can't believe next week will be my last transfer because it just seems like yesterday that I left the MTC.  I do know that the Lord has a plan for me after my mission.

Thank you again for all your prayers and support!  It has meant so much to me.  I wouldn't have had these wonderful experiences and opportunities to serve and help others if it wasn't for all the love and support from home.

I love you all.

Sister Chadderton xoxo

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